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Finally Belong To
Finally Belong To

© Sangeeta Bej

Abstract Fantasy

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That shiny,glittery room stifle me,those crowd and noise were choking me. I was there for a long time with hundreds of like me .They all were dazzling with light through glasses, ablaze with pearls,stones,designs. They can make irresistible desire in you to have them and they used to that much of attention .

And me at other hand, so simple to your eyes and couldn't convince you to take me home with you. I am just like the partial shadow of surreal saffron hue,present in evening sky but unnoticed by many. I didn't belong there, in that shimmering glassy room. I want to be someone's soliloquy of dreams,want to someone's confidence, not someone's another filthy way for showing-off.

One day he came with fear and confusion in his face to that place, while others having lot in their pockets, avarice in heart and inanity in them. Then he looked at each one of us, more like he is searching something in us( I don't know why I am saying 'US' here, clearly I am not like them, definitely not one of them, I never be ) and suddenly his confusing eyes change color . Then he choose me, ME, THE FREAKING ME.

He took me to his home,placed me on his bed and starts unfolding me,more likely he unfold himself from layers and layers of skin. His eyes were more like the first glimpse of spring's arrival appeared in the blossoming trees. I was taken aback when he put me all over himself and literally wearing me like I am 'the skin' of him. Suddenly it felt like finally I belong to somewhere or more specifically to someone. That day, there is something in his dark brown eyes, that enough to resurrect me.

He knows that how others going to react about both of us, we have to listen so much for being together, they're going to curse him,hate him,not going accept us with each other and situation going to be worse . But we fulfill each other's dreams, mine is to crawl around someone to feel them beautiful and be someone's true identity, his dream is to be real to himself, be the one he really is; despite of what society wants. We may be the wrong parts of puzzle to fit in,never belong to each other, but we find ourselves within each other.

And That day me, a light shades of saffron colored saree finally learned, "dreams worth dying for" .

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