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Not So Routine Love Letter
Not So Routine Love Letter

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I Love you... That would mean different to different people. Some say it wholeheartedly. Some say it halfheartedly. Some may not even know why they say it.

I Love You and I mean it wholeheartedly. Whenever you cry, I would like to lend my shoulder to you. Whenever you are happy, I would like to party hard with you...Whenever you are sad, I would like to be by your side though silently. Whenever you are crazy, I do not mind what others think of us and would go as crazy as you would go. Isn't all this love?

You love me. I know you wouldn't want to miss me. I know you care about my safety and wouldn't let me go out all alone. I know you share my pain. I know that I mean a lot you.

We spend hours together not realising the time passing by.

We can be together and never be worried about what is going to happen next.

All this... is LOVE. Pure Love. Not physical. But eternal.

But should we really get married to be in love? Waking up by your side everyday is not what I wanted. though. I never held any feelings other than this towards you. You knew that I treated you like my little brother right from the beginning of our relationship. You were the only brother of my sweetest friend. We lost her forever. I just wanted to support you like her. What was my mistake in this whole episode of our lives? I never even assumed this kind of twist in our relationship. I still wonder how did this happen. When one sees the relationship with motherly love, how can the other see the same relationship with other intentions? I do not have an answer. I only wish you had answered my questions before breaking my emotional attachment towards you.

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