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The Petrifying Night
The Petrifying Night

© Akshay Khanna


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After partying with family, I decided to take a break as I was very tired doing all the work for the party.

I stepped out of my house and met my friend who was sitting on the bench in front of the bus stop.

I asked him to join me. He jumped off the bench and was so excited that he stumbled twice before he joined me. We started talking about the night, I told him about the party in which all my family members were present, he listened to me with a charm on his face, looking like he wanted to be there at the party. I asked him about his part, he sadly looked down and just whispered worst as usual. The news had already flaunted around that his family consisted of a stepfather who was a badass like a gangster, and beats his mother usually after drinking.

I firmly put my hand on his shoulder and I changed the topic to the latest action show on air these days which was quite famous among children. We both kept on walking and were shocked to see the shipyard in front of us.

We laughed at each other knowing that we had walked a long way. He turned around and started walking back, but I was standing still, looking at the signboard of the shipyard "EAST COLORADO SHIPYARD", it was so intriguing that I entered the yard. Rick stopped and saw me walking into the yard and screamed, 'it's not the time to be in the shipyard'. I was so numb that I felt deaf for a moment, I saw the moon red at that instance and Rick pushed me gently and I saw him screaming "why are you not listening to me", I said silently, "Let's walk here for a moment", he hesitantly looked forward and saw me walking quietly.

He accompanied me and asked me why I was not listening to him and I silently answered 'I was busy staring the red moon', Rick shockingly saw me speaking without no sense and said now it’s time to go back home.

Rick turned back and screamed "where is the gate we came from", I laughed silently.

Rick slapped me and I was back to my normal form and asked "where are we, what is this place?" Rick surprisingly said,"you don't know where we are?"

I nodded and said shockingly 'we were standing outside the shipyard' and was scared after saying this.

I looked at him and saw his pale face and jerked him and said it is not the time to be scared let's get out of this place.

We ran towards the other exit and found the gate. As we exited the shipyard we both looked at each other and knew something happened to us at that moment.

We ran towards home and saw our street and decided not to speak a word in front of our families as it was forbidden to go beyond the 3rd block.

I went to my room without talking to anyone, my mom saw me running towards my bedroom and said nothing.

The next day news was on the front page that last night a gas tanker arrived the shipyard and there was a leakage of the gas, the gas was a type of drug that was used in wars to create an illusion for the soldiers.

I took the paper and ran towards Rick's house, his stepdad opened the door and he called Rick in a harsh voice.

I showed him the paper and we both laughed at each other.

The petrifying night was just a chemical mystery.

We both went to the school and never mentioned what happened that night.

Strange Mystery Scared Petrified Night

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