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Fate Of The Bismarck
Fate Of The Bismarck

© Aban Qureshi


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0540 hours 

24 may 1940  

Denmark strait 

This is turret officer Adams reporting from the deck of battleship Bismarck yesterday our ship engaged the cruiser HMS Norfolk and we took fire in return that damaged our radar, we are currently using our allied cruiser Prinz Eugen's radar, two blips have been detected about 40 klicks away, lookouts have confirmed they are the battlecruiser HMS Hood and the newly commissioned HMS Prince of Wales the battleship. Commander Lutjens has ordered battle stations.officer Schneider requests permission to fire but Lutjens denies, the atmosphere in the ship has become more tense   than ever before  then Lindemann orders firing permission making quite a statement and Lutjens has to oblige, our ship quickly gets under fire by Prince of Wales the battle has begun... 


 1000 hours  

24 may 1940 

Denmark strait 

The mission was a success our ship fired two full salvoes one round struck the deck of the HMS Hood and pierced it hitting the ammo magazines and then the hull exploded we watched as the the pride of the  British navy got torn in half and the stern rose up in the air. I could almost feel the horror in the minds of the people aboard the doomed vessel.  

As a chain of explosions rattled her hull and the vessel sunk, our crew was celebrating, I was not. Then our ship and Prinz Eugen aimed guns at Prince of Wales which took a few hits and then disappeared into thick fog. Although our ship too was moderately damaged in the encounter the crew of Prinz Eugen have confirmed that oil is leaking from the back of the ship also one of our turrets was damaged. I have a feeling the day is not going to go well for us.  


1100 hours 

24 may 1940  

Denmark strait 

There are reportedly 42 warships chasing us and Prinz Eugen has detached leaving our ship vulnerable a short sunderland was seen flying above indicating our position is no longer hidden.


1700 hours 

24 may 1940 

Denmark strait 

The battle has begun 9 shells were fired by the prince of wales 5 of which made contact. Conditions are worsening on the ship as the crew's morale is decreasing and the command is not doing enough to restore it. The ship is under heavy firing as torpedoes have been pummeling the hull and bombs are being dropped from the swordfish fighters. 


2140 hours  

26 may 1940 

Denmark strait  

Our ship has been rendered unmaneuverable.HMS Rodney has been pummeling our hull with fire with support from 12 destroyers in return our ship sunk an unidentified british destroyer. Captain Lutjen's voice booms over the speakers "We shall fight to the last shell,long live germany!"


1000 hours 

27 may 1940 

Denmark strait 

Captain Lutjens is dead, our beautiful ship  is burning from bow to stern. Commander Lindemann has given scuttling orders the pride of Germany will soon sink. The crew is giving each other last salutes and sharing stories of our wonderful time sailing together. In my mind the thought lingers 'this is what the crew aboard the Hood felt like.' I just want to tell my mom, my dad and my family that I love them and whoever is reading this journal I want to tell you these words and I want you to remember them. 

War is hell.  

#war is hell #bismarck

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