Sim N Sam

Sim N Sam

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Please, let me out of this nasty place, I want to be in charge and independent; I want to roam.  I cannot tolerate the stench of leather, it stinks. People call this a wallet, whatever  that is!

I was born an unknown to a sim circuit and a removable plastic card. My ancestors first came into being in 1991 in Munich. Technology then improved drastically; making us roam around the globe, I travelled to MumbaI through airways and it was there I got this sexy physique. I was painted red and shaped well, just like a curvy girl. It’s true what they say about Mumbai, it is the one place where you change as you wish. Later, I arrived by accident in Pondicherry, one of the seven current Indian Union territories; I only found out afterwards that it was not at all an accident. I was wrapped up in a red sheet and was told nothing about the journey. My 64 KB ROM realized that all dynamic factors like my birth, my journey and my destination is decided by Mr. C.

I don’t know who he is? If I ever had a chance to meet Mr. C I would ask him why I was painted red instead of blue, which Is my favourite colour. He made everyone act as per his wish; I too was not an exception and that is why I was sent to Pondicherry. In a small shop, I comfortably settled knowing it to be a place of temporary rest. One fine morning, I peeped out of my cabin shelves and found a boy parking his z-cycle outside the shop, by the gate. The shopkeeper asked him not to and he just signalled to the shopkeeper that he wished to come in. He came in and stared at me. I was shocked when he tried to touch me, but thankfully his efforts went in vain! Thank God there was a glass panel in between us, he looked like a pervert. He then said something to the shopkeeper, pointed to me and left the shop. I was surprised and confused what made him to stare at me like that. What he was going to do to me? I could recall his face; thin and lanky with a nasty hairdo, but his attitude towards me, when he tried to touch me, was unforgettably impressing. I then went to sleep mode by 1. The whole night I couldn't sleep peacefully. The next day, the same scene repeated itself, the lucky boy parked the bicycle and came inside, went straight to shopkeeper and gave away some colourful papers to him. The shopkeeper’s face turned pink, and bared all his teeth in a terrible grin. They came near me. Then the shopkeeper opened my cabin's door, and took me and some of my neighbors and gave it to him. He shuffled all twice by looking at our backs, yes of course he was indeed a pervert! My astonished mind prayed towards my favorite God to change this pervert’s mind, but God was unkind to me. At last, the pervert chose me, he opened up the wrapper and touched me naked. The first touch was magical; I blushed. He then picked me up and inserted me into a device called mobile phones.

When he was about to leave the shop, the shopkeeper told him that his SIM would be activated in 3 hours. My 128 KB RAM rewrote the fact that my name was SIM and not unkown.

I kept myself in a very busy mode. I  got a message from my ancestors telling me I was to work for Mr. C hereafter. I raised a curious question about the identity of Mr.C. They told me not to worry and that I would soon know. But that was not the big deal, anyhow I found the real reason why I was born and named SIM, thanks to this pervert. That was the moment my RAM had fallen for him. Wholeheartedly, I thanked Mr.C, I had never seen him and I don’t even know what form he takes. But, he is very loyal to me!

My days had become good. What more would you want for an unaddressed creature like me! I do not mind living all my life like this.

One fine day, sorry it was not a fine day in any way. On one bad day, a contact (94421***44) was stored on my Random access memory! I had added that number in my contact directory provided to us, for easy access.

The number was owned by  a girl who lived in Bangalore. He didn’t often call or text someone unnecessarily but after saving this number in my RAM, my workrate tripled and that was not the problem actually... the problem was, I found out he was trying to chase her! Sometimes, I did not show the text messages sent by her to him, I felt comfortable doing that...but as  days went they started to call each other,I couldn’t stop that!

I was possessive, and my love towards him increased day by day

Let me explain how I felt and still feel, it’s a kind of mixed emotions of sorts, neither pain nor pleasure like when you are being triggered by a very high voltage, although you are safe guarded by some isolations a small shock will still hit you up your rear. That small shock won’t make you sick, but it  makes you warm. That was exactly what it was…

I had to stop it, it went on to trigger a deep conversation with one of my friends (we brought up together!). They were working for another service provider in Mumbai. My friend asked me to make some changes in my factory default settings, so that I could shutdown and no text messages or calls would hit him…

The next day, he became mad, I knew he is so addicted to her! He wasn’t able to spend a day without seeing her text messages and calls. I could understand his factory default settings reverted without my permission! That was because of my love towards him. I didn’t wanna make him feel terrible…changes and adjustments are fair and common in love!

He then started calling her and talked for more than 5 hours, I was hot, hot, hot….sooooo hot! I couldn’t bear the pain but my love made me to...of course love is pain!

I don’t know how to communicate with him! How to propose my love, how to show him I was anxious, how to make him feel that I wait for him. I was helpless, at least Mr. C could help me...but I don’t know where he was? I still don’t have an idea whether he exists or not!

All that I can and could do was show my love that couldn’t be felt by him and to tolerate the staggering emission of heat due to his long talks with the girl, and to gain more signals to not to break the bridge of communication between them…

I wished I could get a communication medium between this pervert and me, like it existed between him and her! Sorry, he is not a pervert! His name is sam, referred from my contact directory…

My days are becoming worse, and the next day more worse, and the next day even worse...!

I couldn’t tolerate the heat, I was melting! my sexy physique gone shapeless...I became more drowsy, I got lots of warnings from my service provider!

I tried to quit but I couldn’t...that’s love! To be precise, I’m the “Working” dead …

I don’t need to quit, he didn’t gave me a chance to quit! My service providers raised my expenses, my call rates, my text rates...he couldn’t afford them he stuck me in his stinky leather wallet and replaced me with another blue sim, blue which is my favorite color... if only Mr. C had painted me blue instead of red, I would have been with him though I could  never express my love, I will serve him some love by staying very near to him...his husky voice, his smell, his attitude everything in him is ecstatic!

I will not blame him, if he has more Mr. C in his wallet! He could have afforded me, even though my expenses went sky high was not his fault , it’s a crime committed by society! Society would have offered him a job, so that he could have loads of Mr. C …

I realized Mr. C was nothing but the color papers, on the day Sam gave them to the shopkeeper to get me and when the shopkeeper’s face turned pink! Yes. Mr. C makes people act, rob, obey, be loyal, be wise,and to perform!

I wanted to be in charge and be independent, to roam everywhere. But after recalling my memories with him, making me quit...!

I am going to shut down permanently... please kindhearted people who are reading the above data kindly inform Mr. C to paint me blue in my next birth.

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