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My Lifeline : My Mobile
My Lifeline : My Mobile

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Inspirational Comedy

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The last three days were tough for me personally. When the fear of losing connection with your loved ones and dear friends surrounds you, it is heartbreaking. 

On the fateful evening of 6th September, when accidentally my hands dropped the overloaded stuff they were carrying, I couldn't believe my luck, of the aftermath this drop caused. Among the things fallen, my dearest phone with a tattered cover also fell. I quickly lifted it up the first, leaving even my purse on the floor. 
Collected rest of the things on insistence of the shopkeeper and settled the bill.

My mind was preoccupied in trying to switch my phone on, primarily for two reasons 

1) My husband must be trying to reach me and Puru as he dropped us on a busy road to find a suitable parking. A rarity in the evenings in Takshila MKT especially.
2) I didn't want to miss any forwards and conversations going on in various groups of WhatsApp that I am a part of. They keep me engaged.

After repeated attempts I failed to switch on the beautiful Micromax Canvas HD. While holding the packets and my son’s hand, I removed its batter. Meanwhile my son, almost amazed at my terrible state was able to locate my husband and we managed to get back home.

In the last two days I have changed two phones - my old Samsung which also kind of said goodbye after a day by not switching on as its battery got fully discharged. It was shocking and as I realized that I may be jinxed with phones. In the last 5 years, I have changed 4 phones courtesy my husband. I really look forward for some other birthday gifts too.

Being an extremely loving, caring and considerate person I have got married myself to, Mohit gave me a spare BlackBerry yesterday night. He offered a range of new phones on an online site and asked me to choose a new phone. Yes, it’s true! Today's men no longer believe in scolding wives of not taking care of their things. They have understood at least something about women. They are truly successful than the previous generations.

However, in the back of my mind, another scheme was going on that If can get my Micromax repaired and save some more for the very obvious choice of today's phone: Right! An Iphone which Mohit may gift me as a combined present of upcoming occasions.

So with all the good prayers in my heart and mind, tagging my darling friend Sandhya and my son, we went to the Powai market. The phone got repaired by merely paying Rs. 400.

I felt as if I had got my life back. I bought a new cover and happily trotted back home.

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