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On a fine day, a boy goes into a deep sleep. Suddenly, he gets a dream in which he sees a girl and gets very excited. Later, he wakes up form his dream and realizes that all the things happened till now are his dreams. His routine life starts as usual by eating fresh veggies. After sometime, he sleeps again and has a dream. He again sees that girl who had appeared in his previous dream and starts to follow her. Suddenly, he realizes that this is also some sort of a dream.

As days passed, he still had the same dream of the girl. He finally prepares himself to propose her no matter what. Again into the dream, he proposes the girl and she reacts in a very rude manner. He wakes up tensed. Realizing he should share his concerns with his friend and ask his opinion as to why these things were happening to him, he goes to his friend. His friend gets suspicious and asks about the appearance of that girl who had appeared in his dream. After having this talk, both of them depart. Later the boy’s friend sees that girl and goes to her to tell about his friend’s problem.  The girl doesn't care much. He goes to his friend and tells him about the girl he met. The boy gets shocked. The next day both of them (boy and his friend) goes to see that girl and think to talk to her but fail. Many days passed by and the boy gets satisfied himself by remembering that girl in his dreams only. The boy’s friend had been observing him over past few months and Thought that his friend shouldn't suffer like this and finally decides to meet the girl. The boy’s friend meets the girl and tells her about his friend and the dream. This time, the girl gets amazed after listening to it. Finally, the girl decides to meet that boy and the next day they all gather in a place. At first, the boy feels very shy and somehow he manages to talk her. Later, their friendship grows and they became lovers. Suddenly, the boy wakes up and realizes that all the things till now happened are dreams only and finally says that the things which happen in dreams will be considered as dreams only and they won't become the present reality.

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