Time For Adventure

Time For Adventure

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Mrs. Ketaki Gupta, the class teacher of 6th grade in St. Mary’s International School addressed her students saying, “Children, I have an important announcement to make. Our principal has decided that a class leader will be selected through election process. The objective of this exercise is to make you understand how our democracy works, how political leaders are elected and their duties and responsibilities towards the general public. Since Srividya and Manohar are the class toppers, they are the ideal candidates for the coveted position of that of a class leader. The election will be held next month. Therefore, I would like to ask both of them to prepare well for the same. Wish you all the best”

“Thank You, Miss,” both of them replied in unison. Srividya was a brilliant girl with a charming personality that attracted every one. She was soft spoken and modest, always willing to help others. Manohar , on the other hand, being the grandson of the school correspondent and the only son of a billionaire Mr. Prakash Rao was very haughty, never liked Srividya and daily brought costly articles to impress his few friends.

Both Srividya and Manohar began active campaigning from the next day itself. Srividya focused on solving the problems faced by her classmates like assistance in studies, water and sanitation etc. Manohar began to lure his friends by daily giving them costly books, toys and taking them out for food at his father’s restaurant. He was literally spoiling them.

Srividya watched his campaigning style and prepared well in advance for what she had anticipated. She knew that Manohar will surely win but being a resilient girl did not give up her campaign. The days passed and soon the election time arrived. Children cast their votes and waited for the results which were to be declared in the afternoon. After lunch, Mrs. Gupta announced the results. The winner was Manohar. Students cheered for him and he looked triumphantly at Srividya. Her friends pitied her but she took the defeat sportingly and congratulated him. He sneered at her and said “You may be a class topper but you can never defeat me when it comes to competition. If you want to maintain your dignity never try to challenge me.” Srividya said “You have won only because of your wealth. The day you lose it, you will also lose your friends.” He gave her a contemptuous look and strode away towards his friends.

Next day, many students fell sick and had to be hospitalized due to food poisoning. Manohar was scared and Srividya noticed him. The teacher was having difficult time in convincing the irate parents. One of the parents shouted, “I want to spank the boy responsible for my son’s ill health. I will not leave this place until he owns up his mistake and apologizes. We want compensation from his father.” Manohar was nervous and stammered while saying, “I… am sorry uncle, but I had no idea that the kids will be ill.” The aggrieved parent clenched his fist but Srividya came to his rescue and said, “Uncle, please be calm. I wish your son a speedy recovery. Please do not scold Manohar as he is in no way responsible. He thought of giving them a treat but was unaware of the danger lying ahead. However, we will make sure that henceforth no such incidents will occur.” Srividya had a knack of handling people. Soon, the parents left the place.

Both Manohar and Mrs. Gupta looked at her gratefully. Mrs. Gupta looked at him with a grim face, disapproving of his conduct in winning the class election and said, “Wealth is not everything. I know you won through unfair means. As you sow, so shall you reap. You influenced your friends and now they have to bear the consequences of their greed.”

Srividya felt sorry for him and said, “I think your restaurant needs to be investigated. I will help you in nabbing the culprit. Moreover, you did not do it intentionally. You just kept your promise by taking them out for lunch.” Manohar approached her and said, “I apologize for my arrogant behavior. In spite of being ill treated, you are trying to help me. You have a magnanimous heart. Will you be my friend?” He extended his hand towards her and she responded positively by shaking it. She said, “Sure. Let us bury the hatchet for past is past. Why don’t we start our work during this weekend?” Manohar nodded and replied, “Why not? I will pick you up from your house on Sunday. I will call you before coming.”

On Sunday, Manohar promptly called her as decided to investigate the mystery surrounding his father’s hotel. He came in a black BMW driven by his chauffeur and halted before her apartment. Srividya arrived shortly and got into the car, which shot off immediately. Soon, they reached Manohar's luxurious five-star hotel. Srividya watched in awe as she had never been to such an expensive hotel in her life. Manohar was amused to see her gaping.

Both went inside and were extended warm welcome by Mr Taneja, the hotel manager who made sure that they got the place to sit. Once they were comfortable, Manohar ordered strawberry milkshakes for both. Their order was served shortly. While sipping her milkshake, Srividya cast a glance over the waiters serving other customers. She noticed that one particular waiter was wearing an expensive watch. She asked Manohar, “ Who is that guy? He seems to be wearing a costly watch that normally a person of his status cannot afford.” Manohar looked at the waiter she was pointing to and replied that his name was Prem Kumar and was employed just two days ago but agreed with Srividya that something was fishy about him.

She suggested, “Let us snoop on him. This way we can catch him red-handed and also get to the bottom of the mystery.”

“Gee, This sounds really exciting. I am game for it,” said Manohar.

Both got up from their table and casually started following him. After some time, Prem Kumar went outside the hotel under the pretext of buying some medicines for his headache. The children too stealthily came out and followed him. As he stepped outside the gate, a huge limousine stopped in front of him and the driver of the car opened the door and stepped out. Srividya asked Manohar to wait for some time, while she recorded the proceedings as an evidence to nab the real culprit who was behind the mass food poisoning. She hid behind a tree and switched on the video recording button in her new smartphone.

After 15 minutes, she came rushing back to Manohar and said, “see this video. I am sure it is a good evidence to clear your father’s name.”

Manohar was shocked to find that the person was none other than his own uncle Shashank. The video had recorded the entire conversation including paying a hefty sum for another sabotage in the form of food poisoning. Manohar and Srividya rushed to meet the former’s father.

“Dad,” cried Manohar as he entered his father’s office room. His father Mr. Prakash looked up and asked his son and his friend to wait for some time as he was busy.

“It's urgent dad. You should see this,” said Manohar and showed him the video recorded by Srividya.

Mr Prakash was furious with his brother. But at the same time applauded and thanked the children for their timely help. This evidence was submitted to the nearest police station based on which both the criminals were arrested. Shashank confessed to his crime saying he did this out of jealousy. Mr. Prakash regained his lost reputation and complimented Srividya for her intelligence. Manohar too thanked her profusely. Srividya said, “it is alright. I am happy that I could help you, my dear friend.”

They shook hands and smiled at each other while Mr. Prakash rewarded her with a box of chocolates.

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