On The Wall, A Labyrinth!

On The Wall, A Labyrinth!

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With nothing concrete to provide a pedestal to my thoughts, emptyness is a nice assistance. A space with nothing to imply. A space where there is no one I have to answer. Its all a world of meaningless fantasies with reflections of past blended with dreams of future.

Have you ever lost yourself to a wall? Like staring on the wall. Diving into your deep fantasies, flying, falling, getting up, stupidly smiling, tickling your heart through abnormal frequency of your thoughts going wild, happy, sad, going nuts, succeeding travelling into the your Utopian world, the dark valley of fears, the hopeful eyes,the small child, all the wrongs you have done and the mistakes you want to commit even after knowing its not sane, Voice inside your childish head telling you to fall in love, Crying on wrong places as if a breakup outburst, waiting for someone to cuddle you to death. Your eyes want to see something new.

The clichéd ‘vast expansive nature of the universe’, and ‘to infinity and beyond!’ seemed much closer as concepts than ever before.

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