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Dream #J1554PQ15
Dream #J1554PQ15

© Priyanshu Sharma

Fantasy Inspirational

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Hello to All !!! I am a Dream #J1554PQ15, which is the way we get our names. Jerry dreamt about me (so J), about one thousand five hundred and fifty fourth time in a sub category of “Passion” in form of a “Question”, the question he asks around 15 times in a day. Yes, it is a tedious way, but it is the only way to solve the endless loop of permutations and combinations generated by the power of imaginations you guys have.

They say, I am still young and to come “True” I have to travel in many people’s mind so that finally someone believes in me and give me life. When I was just born, i.e. Jerry dreamt about me for the very first time he (Jerry) was just 18 years old (we maintain a data log for it), since then it had been 17 years he still sometimes think about me, so each time I travel in his mind and then the count on board will increase by one, so I am still waiting to come alive (in your terms “To become True”) You know, some of my Dream colleagues, who were lucky, become true at very young age (I am 1554 times older).

Some Dream Ace, suggest that our lives directly depends on the belief of the dreamers. Some statistics show that it is only 25% of us which attains the stage if being born, some of us die, get older or even rejected. But it’s not about all that I want to tell, i am a very positive, patient and never giving up dream. I will travel Jerry’s mind until I become true. And the best part of being a Dream is we both will be happy in our lives after that me and Jerry. I just want to be born (they say it’s beautiful out here and I will find many colourful, happy people around me), waiting for Jerry to start believing in me. Most of people think we are not possible.

But we are, we Dreams just need you to believe in us, work with us, don’t let us fall, give us a chance to live nurture flourish blossom and dance in the rain and sunlight with you. Believe in us, you are not alone, we are your creation, just let us give a chance, believe is the only secret (again Dream Ace suggested). As we Dreams keep on coming to your minds, we never give up on you, the same must be done by you…. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS… Make them alive, let them take birth, nurture us. We are create by you, complete our journey. We are meant to travel together… “If you can Dream it, then you can achieve it- by Walt Disney” By Dream#J1554PQ15

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