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A Letter To My God And Goddess
A Letter To My God And Goddess

© Pallabi Das


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(A girl writing a letter to her parents.)

Dear Baba Mama,

Thank you, for giving me such a wonderful life. I am truly blessed to be the daughter of a perfect set of parents.

I hope you both are fine. I am happy for you mama; you are spending your time in a great way. Baba, I am the reason for your tension, you don't show anyone but your face and health tells everything. Don't waste a single drop of tear for me. Your eyes are beautiful in which I found my God.

I don't go for any other temple because our home is a temple and you both are my living God.

Baba, for our happiness you are cracking jokes and hiding your pain. But believe me, Baba I always want to release you from every tension.

It's simple to type my feelings on a notepad. Yet it is so difficult to tell you the same words.

It's Raining.

Taking a break from my study and sitting inside a room looking at the rain through the window and remembering you both; It really feels cool.

A lady who is my warden talking to her newly married daughter in my mobile. Each and every day she sweeps my room and during that somehow her hand touches my legs; that's really weird.

It feels really happy when I am available to anyone. Her smiling face makes me remember you, mama. Thank you, both of you. You gave me the courage to handle myself in ups and downs, that if I was sick I can place a soaking towel on my head to balance my temperature by myself.

Mama, you dreamed your son would be your "Sraban Kumar " but somehow it's not possible. It's not anymore mythological world but I want to be your Sraban Kumar and you know how I did things to make both of you smile. Your hug and kiss make me cry in joy. I am the world's best girl who got both of you. If Baba is my right hand then Mama, you are my left hand.

Mama, each time you call me "Gudiya Rani", can feel how much you are happy for me. So don't be angry at me, I will become your best child and I will obey both of you. You both are my oxygen. I have a good news for both of you.

I gained 5 kg. Now I'm 50kg. I'm not any more skeleton but I have to gain more according to my height. Nowadays I'm eating so much to carry both of you like Sraban Kumar.

Baba its 7 years completed. I am staying in a hostel. But it's very rare when I asked for money in my emergency. Before I ask, you ask every time. Generally, I never asked you for a certain amount of money; I know how much difficulties you face but you give me more than my requirement. With that commanding voice, you tell me to spend as much as I want. Baba, I'm really lucky that you are my role model, my handsome hero. Your punctuality, hard work, and determination - these 3 make me respect you.

I tried to be a person like you but I am just halfway through. From doing dishes to picnic planning, you never fail to impress me with your management skills. I am happy that still, our scooter "Bajaj Chetak" is working properly and I love to sit in your back seat. It feels I am still your little daughter. All the way of our journey you told me lots of stories which I listened 3/4 times form you only but every time I listened carefully because every time you present in such a wonderful manner which I can't forget.

I know I am your best friend and you're are mine. Baba, when you call me "Bitwa" it makes me feel courageous, so keep calling the same name.

But yes, now that I have reached an age where I would like to request you few things from the bottom of my heart.You both gave me the freedom to make my own decisions and the opportunity to make my own path, no matter how hard it may be. But still I am telling you frankly you both are my God and I believe both of you more than myself. But as a child I'm requesting, you just tell me what is good or bad. Guide me through my journey. Don't leave me for learning lessons.

Baba I'm 100% unique, So I don't want a free life without you and also one more thing I can't spend a day without listening to your voice. Baba, seriously I'm telling you I can't spend a year without fighting and quarreling with you both; every time after fighting I can see your unconditional love and care for me. I know that there is nothing that I can do to repay all that you both have done for me, right from my birth.

But I will be that human being who will make a difference in not only your life but in the lives of many. I hope you both are always with me. I love you, Baba.I love you, Mama.

From your loving daughter.

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