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The Love Letter
The Love Letter

© Deepti Gupta

Fantasy Inspirational Thriller

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It was winter morning. We had planned to meet that very place where we always meet, where we met for the first time. I was very happy, after all the day had arrived when I could tell her how much I loved her .Winds blew hard, something was different in the air, maybe the love vibes were swirling on my jovial face.

Even God was blessing us to be together forever. Suddenly I sneezed, Ohh! Sneezing before any good activity is a bad omen, I thought. I stepped back, and then remembered what Triya used to say. "Good or bad is in your hands, one should never think before doing anything if your heart is with you!"

I followed what she had said, coz my heart was with her.

I pulled out her favorite shirt, and took out a paper and a pen. I wanted to write a first love letter for her.

She loved to hear beautiful love stories, she even enjoyed when two birds chirped. She believed that the real love stories start from beautiful soft songs. I never got these logics of her’s but had always wanted to propose to her the way she wanted.

I wrote my first love letter,starting with her favorite kishore kumar's song"EK LADKI BHEEGI BHAGI SI". She always loved this song and used to hear it all the time. Then I continued with all our mischiefs. The way we used to live the world to the fullest, and at the end I wrote all my heart out. I kept it in my side pocket and left home to meet her at the dal lake, World's most beautiful place which is marked with the presence of majestic chinar trees at the four corners. Triya always loved to be there. We had first met each other there only.

I still remember that day. I loved to go to my uncle's house in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir for my summer vacations every year. It was the most peaceful place I felt love all around. After meeting Triya that place had become my final destination. Triya lived in Srinagar with her Aami and Abu.

My uncle knew them, as he was a reputed doctor, Dr.Aalim Hussain Khan, my mother's brother. He had been living there for 20 years now.

So, the day i met her. It was my first visit to dal lake. I literally had forced my uncle to take me there. And going there was worth it. Of all the beauty around I saw TRIYA, a small beautiful girl with a red colored Hijab. She was wearing a red velvet anarkali suit with some golden gotta strips in the end. I was first speechless after looking at her. Allah had send his most beautiful child to bless the world, and I truly was blessed to have her in my life. Her parents were standing there and were waiting for us. Looking at us they waved their hands and we reached to greet them. My uncle introduced me to them, it felt like the most amazing introduction I ever had, though he just said, "He is Zaid Ansari, my sister Nazima's son" .At first I felt I would have got a little more introduction but I thank my uncle for not introducing me, as I got the opportunity to introduce myself personally to Triya.I started my first conversation with her that day. I was so stupid to only asked for her name, just the three words that too wrongly said, “YOURs PLEASE....NAME?".I felt all the more embarrassed, but she just laughed and said, "I am Triya, where are you from?”. I was felt happy and told everything about me that I am from Delhi, I am in 10th standard and, I am wonderful in Maths and Urdu. I wanted to say ENGLISH also but after that silly mistake, I stopped my emotions. That day was wonderful, we enjoyed a lot in shikara ride and she told me that she is in 8th standard and wanted to do literature, if she stayed. "If she stayed", I wasn’t sure what she said, and later got to know that she is suffering from cancer, and my uncle was looking after her.


I reached my destination. I heckled myself once, I had worn her favorite shirt, had taken her favorite red roses and my letter of course.

My heart was throbbing badly. My legs were shaking in fear, what if she said NO. What if our friendship gets ruined, but she had asked me to come there, maybe she also wanted to tell me what she had in her heart.

I tried to pull my body forward. My mind was juggling with different thoughts, I was wondering that all my melancholy would vanish if I be with her.

On my way, near the Lake, there was a sacred place, a Dargah, a lot of people were near there. Later I noticed that Triya's parents were there, they were crying.

My heart sank. They came near me. Khala kissed my forehead and handed me a letter.

The letter said, "I LOVE YOU TOO!!"

Triya had left all of us. It was her first love letter for me and her last literary work...!!!


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