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Virtual Vs Real life
Virtual Vs Real life

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A day in Sania’s life;


It was 3:00 AM and Sania was not able to sleep, she walked back and forth crying and holding herself tight. She couldn't believe something like this could happen. She imagined herself standing in the middle and circled by her friends, and they are laughing and making fun of her. She sat in a corner hugging herself. Her sweat rolled down from her forehead, and she wiped it off and sat quietly thinking of a solution for her problem. 


After few minutes, she got up, took a knife from her cupboard and went into the bathroom and cut deep enough to slit her wrist. She sat slowly on the ground and recollected what happened. She felt her life was doomed because she didn’t have any courage to face reality.


Previous day morning:


Sania was bubbly and beautiful. Her day started and ended with her daily status updates on her Instagram and Facebook. She was obsessed with it.


Around 6:00 AM – She woke up early, spent few minutes in the bathroom and tucked herself inside her bedsheet and, posted her morning selfie on the bed, ‘Woke up fresh as alwaysJ’. Got few likes immediately.


Around 6:30 AM - She wore her jogging pants, shirt and her running shoes. Took a selfie and posted, ‘It's Jogging time…' (Likes followed).But, never went for one. She changed back to her regular clothes as soon as she posted her status.


Around 8:00 AM – She arranged a plate full of green fresh leafy veggies and topped it up with fresh fruits. Took a pic and posted, ‘My healthy breakfast…'. (Likes followed as usual.) After posted the pic, she kept the plate in the fridge and took out her left-over pizza and had. After few minutes, she posted few of her selfies with different dresses, ‘Confused what to wear…. Guess everything looks good on me ;)’. (Likes followed with few comments.).

– She always spent few… minutes trying few dresses for her best pic. She always wanted to be trendy, hence purchased dresses every month so that she doesn't repeat her clothes very often. Because of which she borrowed money frequently from her friends and was drowned in debt.


Around 9:30 AM – Posted a selfie hugging her boyfriend, ‘Meeting my boyfriend after four days. Feeling alive again'.(Likes followed… got comments, "cute couple in town") She met her boyfriend after four days. She was happy to meet him and clicked few pics, but he had come only to break up the relationship. They never got along.


Though she was terribly sad, she didn’t want anyone to know about her break up. After getting the comments like "cute or best couple", it would be embarrassing to face their comments. So, she moved on with her postings.


Around 1:00 PM – Posted thumbs up gesture with a selfie near Subway, ‘Healthy lunch with my boyfriend.' (Likes followed by few comments…). After her status update pic, she moved to KFC to have a burger.


She cried the whole day, and by evening she was lost and felt week. She wanted to move on. So, she decided to go to the Pub. Though the pub was crowded with people, she felt all alone. So sat calmly on a chair and took a pic of the crowd in the Pub along with the filled glasses and posted, ‘Life rocks;)' and the Likes rushed along with few jealous comments. A big smile emerged on her face.


Around 12:00 AM – She reached her hostel room and took a pic of her bed and posted, ‘Time to sleep. Tired of a busy day. Though enjoyed a lot.' (Likes followed…. with few comments - "You are fortunate to have a life like this. Oh! I envy you".)


Though she posted all fake status, there was one person whom she couldn’t fool. That was herself. She felt lost in the world of rejections. She was not happy with her life so, she created a perfect world virtually and was very happy with getting few likes and good comments from her friends. Which always encouraged her to move on with her life. But now that her boyfriend broke up she was devastated thinking about getting reactions from her friends when they come to know about her breakup. She imagined everyone laughing at her. Posting embarrassing comments on her social media. She was scared to check her boyfriend's status message.


Present day, around 3:30 AM:


Sania’s roommate knocked on the bathroom door to check on her and found her lying in the pool of blood. She immediately brought her phone and started clicking her pictures and started posting on her social media. She got so busy commenting and responding to the messages that she totally forgot about Sania. By the time she called the ambulance, Sania was already dead.


PS: These days people live in their virtual world. They are so happy living a fake life that they actually forget to live their real life. Whom do you want to impress? Getting few likes on social media has become insulin for their happiness. We have created technology to use it for our development. Use it for advertising one’s talent, business expansion or fighting for a cause. Sania was so obsessed with her virtual world that she felt, quitting her life is much easier than facing reality. Her roommate felt posting her pictures and commenting on her was more important than saving Sania’s life.


The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had. - Eric Schmidt

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