Ch 5. A Night With a Stranger

Ch 5. A Night With a Stranger

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The clock struck 12 at night. ‘We are locked inside the bathrooms for a long time now’, said Nia. ‘We should now come out.

‘Wait, let me see whether it is safe to come out,’ replied Alisha. Alisha shows green signal to girls after examining the place thoroughly. ‘Come out girls, there is no one outside’, said she.

‘We will regret all this Alisha,’ said Kriti.

‘No, not at all, in fact, our kids will be proud when we will tell our stories to them,’ said Alisha.

Yes and I hope that uncle crowns you with the title of most sincere daughter after knowing all this,’ said Nia.

‘Shut up! You mood spoiler, enjoy this moment. Who knows what will happen tomorrow,’ Alisha laughingly said.

A boy was listening to all this girl philosophy while throwing stones into the pool of water. The girls noticed him and started fighting.

‘He is cute, He will be my first boyfriend,’ said Kriti.

‘I think he likes me,’ teased Nia.

‘Do not forget girls I saw him first,’ said Alisha ‘Hey! Are you listening to our talks? said she.

‘No, I am waiting for the morning, I got stuck inside, and my friends are outside. I was in the washroom while the gates closed,’ said he.

‘Same thing happened to us,’ said Alisha and blinked at girls.

‘You know I am coming here for the fifth time in Dehradun and I am aware of every nook and corner of this place,’ said Alisha.

‘I have come here for the first time and this was our first day which ended like this’ said the boy.

‘I can show you the place if you want but what is your name dude?’ asked Alisha.

‘Rohan,’ said he.

‘I am Alisha,’ she smiled.

‘Okay! We can visit the place together,’ said Alisha. Rohan agreed.

‘It is already eight in the morning Alisha, I think we should now leave for Agra,’ said Nia.

‘But before that, we will have to check out from the hotel,’ Alisha laughed.

‘Wow! How come you became so wise in a single night Alisha I am impressed,’ Nia laughed.

Alisha exchanged her mobile number with Rohan and the girls left. They reached the hotel and started to pack their bags but Alisha looked in a different mood.

‘What happen Alisha? Why are you not packing your bag enquired Kriti.

‘You guys can leave for Agra today. I intend to stay here for two more days’ said Alisha.

‘Have you lost your senses? shouted Kriti while Nia was laughing at their conversations.

‘Leave Kriti, Alisha has made up her mind and nothing can be done now. Let her enjoy some more,’ said Nia.

‘Okay then, we are leaving, you enjoy. BYE,’ said Nia and Kriti and left for Agra.

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