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A Smile Can Go A Thousand Mile

A Smile Can Go A Thousand Mile

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Finishing the last puff of the cigarette I spun my wrist to check the time. It was late afternoon. I turned around and started to walk towards the elevator. It was summer and over 30 degrees. I wanted to get into my cool aired office as soon as possible. Pressing the elevator button I noticed an old man standing a few paces beyond me next to the elevator door talking to the security officer.

The old man was in his 60s or so and stood well with no stick. The elevator arrived. I opened the door and advanced in the elevator and turned around only to see the old man walking inside of the elevator. I held the door for him. He was in and stood a few steps away from me in the elevator.

"What floor?" I asked.

"3rd Floor", he replied smiling.

Co-incidentally my office was also on the 3rd floor. And it was the only office on that floor. I had never seen that old man in my time at the office. Who could this man be? Is he here to meet someone in the office? Or is he some kind of vendor wanting to sell office stationery to us? The old man was empty handed wearing a loose shirt and a pair of dark trouser. With a dense moustache he looked tough.

My mind wandered thinking about every possible scenarios the man wanted to go on the 3rd floor. I acknowledged his will and pressed the button. The elevator moved taking us to our destination.

My wandering mind caught a sound of the old man's voice.

"I am a friend of the owner of your office floor". said the old man smiling at me. It was like he read my mind out of thin air and answered a mysterious question rattling in my head.

"Really that's nice". I replied with a courteous smile.

He then went on explaining how he knows the owner of the flat. While I was trying to listen and acknowledge to what he was saying I wanted to get out of the lift and into my air-conditioned office just then the old man mentioned that he was in the service. It caught my attention and I immediately diverted, all of it, undivided, to the man. I did not care if we had arrived on the floor. I have always been a great admirer of the men who serve our nation and protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I wished the lift to stop in between the floors and I could get more time to talk to him. Don't get me wrong, I am just a big fan of the defence services. I wanted to join the forces myself and serve the nation in the capacity of Special Forces. But unfortunately pieces of my career path did not fit together and I moved on to other career options. But If given the opportunity I would love to serve the nation to best of my abilities.

We shook hands and I opened the elevator door for the old man. He seemed like he could do it too. But I wanted to do that for him as a kind gesture. I opened the door and we stepped out.

"I was in the Army" He said

"Really?" I replied. "What was your rank?"

"I was a Havildar (Sergeant) and worked as an engineer" he said.

We shook hands once again as I started to walk towards my office door. "It was an honor to meet you, Sir" I said.

We smiled and walked our different path.

As I opened the office door and walked in. The smile would not leave my face. The fact I met a man who served our nation alone left a huge smile and mountain sized pride in my heart. These men who serve our nation do a selfless job and does not ask anything in return from the people they protect. Little we can do is thank them for their service and sacrifice. And a smile that can make their day and leave you with nothing but a joy of pride.

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