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The Fallen King
The Fallen King

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Along the shores of the great ocean, a man standing still by the rocks there, observing tides as they collide with rocks trying to break them, as if comparing it to deeds of his own. His deep black eyes lost in reminiscences of past, were unmoved by the mist of seawater that tired to settle on his grey bearded face. His body seemed to be weakened by the tore of time but his demeanour showed a formidable character that he was in his prime.
His thoughts were broken by the honking of ship's horn and soon he started his detour back to his home. Just as he was passing by the grocer, an old familiar voice called for him from the sidewalk of street. That was his old friend who had settled down in another part of the world, for making fortune in his life. Otherwise calm behaviour the old man became enthusiastic on seeing his old chum, they embraced each other like long lost brothers. They made their way to nearby bar to have a drink and recalled their time together on the way up to it.
As they sat down on the table, dusting off their grey coats and hanging them on chair,  red wine allured them from the goblet, without any further reluctance they did obliged to imbibe it. The friend asked the old man about years that went by and of incidents about a man taking on the administration of crown there, that he happened to know about through news and travellers that he met by.
'The time has flied by my friend, the administration here had become worse from bad, the authorities were knave and the power laid in the hands of corrupted. A businessman stood up against them, there was this incident of bribing the delegacies in order to slay the less fortunates making them homeless which encouraged him taking the stand. As he battled the powers, he discovered the bitter truths of the rulers that he once thought were there to protect them, unveiling them as exploits who cared nothing more than making their own life luxurious and royal.
He tired to pursue all the nobles and rich to take up initiative against the rule and did he succeed in uniting all, but the seeds of corruption had grown in masses and it was way too difficult to make a cut in it. Yet an unsaid oblivious rebel started within the system itself as more and more questions were being asked about the rule. Public meetings and posters for discerning general public of ruling became regular.
The crown was shaken up and deeply moved by the events. They started to counter it by cutting down the business of them and imposing ban on public gatherings. But little did they knew the movement had spread it's way down to educating the future generations about the corruption. The children were being educated the morals, the welfare and with living examples of about being treated by corrupted, and the vision was laid in them about a corruption free society.
Nobles, businessmen and especially that one business man suffered a great deal to carry out such radical activities yet their vision was strong enough to encourage whole society to believe in the future. It took time for change to happen, but gradually it did happen.' narrated the old man.
'What happened to the businessman afterwards?', the friend inquired
'As for him, it is said that after he ensured that the rulers were changed and the good administration prevailed, he started living a low life, still educating the future generations and making them a responsible and better humans.'
It was getting late and bar was about to close, so they took up their coats and started on their way to old man's home.
Upon arriving to the old man's house, instead of seeing a luxurious villa that he imagined he saw a small bungalow.
' I think your business too suffered a lot in that rebel', the friend gasped.
The old man had only a smile in his reply.
Little had the friend of old man known of that what was to unfold to him now.
As the friend made his way to the backyard of the bungalow, he saw chairs arranged as if it was a classroom of somekind. His  mind began to draw a conclusion from the story that the old man narrated to him, the old man's past and the present situation. Unable was he to hide his elation for his friend.
As he faced the old man this time, there was  a sense of pride and joy in his eyes for his friend and a broad smile to substantiate it.
On seeing him the old man said,
'I guess you figured it out who that businessman was'.
'The fight is long, 
Our patience may get torn 
Testing the character of all
Strength of many may crawl
But one needs to fight along
Education being the weapon for all
Trees can't be bent by the wills of one
It's saplings that are to be moulded on
Moral and values should be taught at the right age
More than words, the action of one brings the change
United efforts will surely make an impact
A power that can repel back even the wolves of pact'

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