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Room No. 502
Room No. 502

© Vasudev Bajpai

Drama Inspirational

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"This is the last time I am coming here, and I am very clear about this," I said to Sheetal while we entered my favourite hangout - G.B. road, New Delhi. She giggled in sarcasm, not even bothering to reply.

As per practice, we went to our rooms. Sheetal and I always made sure that I use room 502 and Sheetal, room 501. We felt these rooms were lucky. I lay on my bed, all nicely dressed for my last encounter with the last victim of my seductive "assets". I started thinking, or rather reflecting deeply, what is it that a man seeks for, in a woman in a red-light area. Is it just sex? Has the word "love-making" just vanished? He goes against the society, against his family just to satisfy his lust or fulfill his fantasy? Or is it more than that?

And just then two eyes peeped into the room. I could well gauge that they had, in a matter of seconds, raped me visually and had visualized how I would be without my off-shoulder top and ultra-low jeans. He came inside. I was excited and nervous even after all these years. It was my last night in here. I craved for love-making today. I craved for an orgasm today. For once my eyes pleaded, "Use me not as a toy, treat my like a woman, please, once."

I engaged him in a warm embrace, expecting him to reciprocate. I tried to tease him, but no, miracles don't happen in real life. He undressed, pushed me on the bed and bit me at every place where my skin was exposed. I was left wondering what I was supposed to do. No love. He rolled over and now on the floor he just tore away my clothes and got down to humping. I lay, emotionless, feeling nothing. In fact resuming my old thoughts, the society was so patriarchal that they did not have any time to think about a girl's desire.

He wanted to satisfy his lust, show his domination and vent out his frustration. Funny. I thought he might enjoy better if he did it my way. Suddenly he collapsed. I giggled to myself. This is what he wanted, and now he will go. And he did so after covering my - this is life. a rich affluent girl being used and thrown like a toy.

Anyway, I came out. Sheetal was waiting for me outside. She exclaimed, "Took so much time.....must've been great. My experience was fab. He is still inside..."

Sheetal's room 502 opened for the man to come out and it left me dumbfounded. The man opened the door, and with back towards us left in the opposite direction.

Since that day, I have been going to that haven of sex, sometimes offering bonus services. My belief in the word love has vanished.

That man with my friend Sheetal was my father and now we both take same rooms at times - 502 and here I get "Love!"

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