Babies: A Miracle Created By God!

Babies: A Miracle Created By God!

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Yesterday while playing with my 5 days old nephew, I observed him very minutely. His every action, every movement, every facial gesture was meaningful. Initially his big brown shining eyes were observing me with keen concentration and interest and then when I made a few funny faces to impress him, he actually replied in his own way. These babies know how to react in different situations! Even if they can’t talk, they can still mediate their message to us. More interestingly the term “infant” is derived from a Latin term “infants” meaning “unable to speak” or “speechless”.

 What I specifically wonder is that they are new to this big bad world which is full of mysteries. How do they then know when to cry and when to laugh! Babies generally cry with their red faced screaming when they are hungry or they want their nappy to be changed. Well for me crying is their biggest way of communication. Well, on the other hand, we might see babies laughing and smiling when they like something. Babies generally laugh at the age old game of peek-a-boo or at high pitched noises or being thrown in the air and caught or may be when u tickle them!!   Everyone can recognize these tactics because we all use these methods to make babies happy.

To be very frank, my opinion about babies initially was that they are irrational and illogical and that they cannot understand our perspective and our opinions. I thought them to be pretty useless at this stage of their life! Just think about it. Technically, we have to put so much time and energy into them just to keep them alive. But obviously we can clearly see through their actions and movements that they very well understand our opinions and perspectives. A baby, if we give it a deep thought, can closely actually learn so much in such a tender age and that too in such a short period of time. They learn our language, they learn how to walk, how to react! If we compare ourselves with these little creatures then I would say they are far more intelligent than us! 

Well, we all might have often observed babies smiling while asleep or may be just staring at the ceiling busy with their deep thoughts. Just wonder what these babies dream about or think about. I frankly do not have a clue about what goes on in their minds. For me these little babies are the cutest, chubbiest and the most admirable miracle created by God. Keep wondering…..  

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