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The Land Of The Silverens
The Land Of The Silverens

© Riya Ahuja


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Amanda Wilson and the Land of the Silverens

Chapter 1 – Ready for the Silveren School

Hi! I’m Amanda. I’m just a regular 12-year-old school going girl and I live in Paris. Well, maybe not regular now, but I was, before I found out about all the weird stuff I could do. Things haven’t been easy for me since then. I’ve had people talk about me behind my back and teachers giving me weird looks.

You may not believe it but I was one of the most popular girls in my school. I had many friends and we used to have a lot of fun. That was before anyone (even me) knew I was different.

Let me tell you how it all started. Just yesterday, I went out to the school garden and I found myself floating a bit above the ground. I was shocked to find myself hovering and I got down in a few minutes. That wasn’t necessarily the bad part, but the worst was that the whole school was staring at me and I felt pretty embarrassed.

Another time was in the math class (Ugh! I hate math). The teacher had asked me a question. Neither did I know the answer nor did I even understand the question. But the weird thing that happened was that I was immediately able to turn invisible. Not only me, the whole class including the teacher was in for a shock.

Well, I think you have now found out that I am pretty different. For me, finding that out made me sad. I lost all my friends as they were too embarrassed (or even scared) of me and formed their own group. They barely even speak to me now.

I told my mom everything that happened when she came to pick me up and her face was that of fear and panic. That made me worried. What was she thinking? She was nervous the whole day and messed up many things. She even forgot to pick up my little brother, Alan from his football practice and even burnt the dinner. Why was my mom acting like this?

After finishing my homework, I went up to my bedroom. It wasn’t even bed-time yet but I was just lying on my bed thinking about how sad my life had become. Suddenly my mom burst into my room. She had the same panic-stricken face she had worn in the afternoon. She came and sat next to me. “Amanda, I know this may be shocking for you but it’s true and I hope you actually believe me. Well, the thing is, you are a ‘Silveren’!” Wait! What? Silveren? What’s that? It sounds like some horrible disease! I don’t want to be a Silveren, I shouted.

“Calm down, Amanda. It’s not as bad as you think it is. It can be a tiring job but it is not a horrible one. I was wishing that you wouldn’t become one because they don’t lead a normal life and their job is quite hectic, but I think it is your destiny!”

Mom! How do you know all about them? “Well, to be honest, I’m one myself.” What? And you never even told me. S, tell me more about these si-si-si…., well, you know. My mom started to tell me all about the Silverens.

After all this story-telling, I did learn a few things about the Silverens. For starters, they were of 5 types and all of them had a secret special power. They were considered different from the ‘normal world’ and also had a special boarding school in London which Silverens from all over the world aged 14-18 attended. This was the human part. There was another land, a land far away from the earth, floating somewhere in the space called as ‘The Land of the Silverens’.

This part shocked me the most. My mom told me that only the most special Silverens of the boarding school would be chosen to go and visit this unique land. I was intrigued. Instead of sulking that I didn’t want to leave Paris, I was actually excited! I could make new friends, have a new life and the best part was I wouldn’t be called weird anymore. I would find people just like me. I also wanted to see which special power I would have. I told my mother I was ready to go and I started packing my bags. Ready for the adventures that lay ahead in life for me!

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