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One day mother mosquito adviced her son who got new tiny wings not to go near humans when they are awake.

“Don’t worry mom, I know to fly round and round, up and down, left and right, this side to that side and that side to this side without humans noticing me” said the baby mosquito.

“Very good my son, you are now ready to explore the world. All the very best and keep in your mind my humble advice” saying so she sent her son in search of food.The baby mosquito said to itself “My mother is worrying too much about me. I am a grownup boy. I will suck blood from the human and fill my tummy with blood and show my mom how intelligent I am.”

With buzzing sound the baby mosquito flew with ENTHU in search of food. Finally it entered an auditorium full of audiences. A comedy show was going on. Now and then giggling sound was heard. Baby mosquito sat on a man’s leg and suck his blood. Meanwhile the joker in the show cracked some jokes and all the audiences started to clap and laugh. This baby mosquito mistook that the audiences’ applause was for his success in sucking blood and for his first flight.So with excitement it went and said to his mother, “You are very bad, you always blame human beings, but they gave me a big applause for my first success. Here after if you blame them I won’t to come back to meet you.”

“Sorry my dear child some are too good but anyhow you be careful while you’re nearing them, don’t forget this mom’s request.” Without listening to her advice baby mosquito flew away.

This time the baby mosquito saw a group of kids playing Ludo. Without making any noise it enjoyed them playing and was waiting for the game to get over. When the kids were playing the baby mosquito didn’t want to disturb them as someone might lose the game due to its distraction.So after the game was over it went and sat on child’s lap to suck the blood. That child tried with his two hands to kill the mosquitoes, it flew onto the next child and so on. The kids started to chase the mosquito each time it flew higher and higher and it thought that they are encouraging him with big applause to fly. At last one boy took his mosquito bat and hit the baby mosquito and the baby mosquito fell down. Now the baby mosquito heard the same applause for the boy who used the new technology to kill him.

While dying the baby mosquito understood the meaning of applause for him. He asked sorry to God for not listening to his mother’s words.

MORAL: We must obey our parents’ and elders words.

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