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Princess And The Spirit
Princess And The Spirit

© Vedita Anand

Drama Fantasy

4 Minutes   9.8K    174

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Many centuries ago there was a king named Drupadpada who ruled the kingdom of Vijaygadh. He had a daughter named Trishala. She grew up to become an epitome if beauty at the age of 16. She was fair and her beautiful glowed like the radiant sun. Her enormous, doe like eyes filled with kohl were said to have mesmerizing beauty. Her lips were like two half opened buds of red lotus placed on each other and when they parted into a smile, they could cast a spell on anyone. She had long hair as dark as the clouds of monsoon that cascaded down her slender back.

One morning, the princess took bath in water scented with perfume and wrapped up her slim and elegant frame in a saree. She put a few necklaces on her delicate neck and slid them down her juvenile bosom. A beautiful waistband made of gold and studded with diamonds embraced her around her slim waist and fixed itself on her slender belly. She lifted her saree and put anklets on her shapely legs. She took a few attendants and set out for a tour around the outskirts of the kingdom.

After travelling for a few hours they arrived at near a small pond which was covered with beautiful blue lotuses. Princess Trishala was attracted towards them. She went near the pond and plucked them. The water of the pond was cold. Trishala had an urge to take bath in the pond. She removed her saree and ornaments and placed them by the side of the pond. She untied her hair and jumped into the pond. She had a leisurely bath in the pond and felt relaxed. As she was about to come out of the pond she felt something wrapping around her belly and down her legs. She struggled to break free but the grip tightened even more. She became so frightened that she fainted in the pond. The attendants pulled her out of the pond.

"There may be some water snakes," the attendants said as they dressed her up.

"May be you are right," Trishala said as she came to her senses.

That night Trishala went to bed early. Late in the night, while Trishala was deep in sleep she felt the same gripping sensation that he felt in the pond around her bosom and waist. She jumped out of the bed and looked around. There was nobody in the room. Suddenly, a cloud of fog began to fill up the room. Trishala got frightened and tried to run out of the room. But before she could escape her robe was pulled off her and she was thrown upon her bed. Trishala looked around with horror stricken eyes but couldn't see anyone. The fog filling up the room chocked her and she fainted. An invisible force lifted the young damsel from her bed and carried her out of the palace.

The next morning, the princess was searched everywhere in the palace but couldn't be found. They all looked for her all through out the kingdom. She was finally found floating in the pond in a nude and unconscious state. The King called a meeting of his ministers. One of the ministers told him that the pond was inhabited by a spirit. The lotuses in the pond had kept him arrested in the pond. As princess plucked them up, he became free. And when princess took bath in the pond he became smitten by her carnal charms. He followed her here and by his magical powers abducted her from the palace. He took her to the pond and assaulted her all the night. He had put the princess into a deep sedation by his magic and she couldn't remember anything of the night. His powers waned in the daylight and he had to leave the princess. He should be arrested back into the pond and the lotuses should be put back into their places after the priest empowers them with sacred hymns. The King instructed the priest to do so and the Trishala got rid of the spirit forever.

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