Challenges And Trials

Challenges And Trials

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On the 1st of August, for the first time I made Paneer Butter Masala..

It was appreciated by everyone who tasted it.They told

that it was same as the restaurant style. (Encouragement)

On 4th of August I made dum aaloo for the first time.

Again i was appreciated for my rich cooking


Perhaps on 8th of August Once more i made dum aaloo..

Also it was very nice and got a pretty


Today on the 12th of August I made aaloo gobhi ki sabji

for the first time with the same enthusiasm but it was not like my


Even it was very poor in taste and the rich quality of

masalas was making it poorer...

I myself was not satisfied with what I had made....

But i neither took it more seriously nor more lightly..

I just smiled on myself and thank to every one for

telling the truth...

And you won't believe, it gave me more encouragement than

the last three times...

I think there should be challenges and trials in life..

Life is nothing and has nothing without these two...

Challenges give you strength..

Good trials give you power and encouragement..

But bad trials give you more power and encouragement.

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