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Learn To Be Humble And Soft-Spoken
Learn To Be Humble And Soft-Spoken

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There was a thick tree of Acacia. It had its leaves like an umbrella. None of the nearby trees were as large as it was. Therefore, it boasted of its shade.

Acacia tree was growing by the road-side where there was a pool nearby. It was flooded with water during rainy season. The tree got its water from this pond, and grew bigger and thicker. Its stems were also thick and strong.

A lily plant was also growing near the pond. Numerous flowers bloomed on it during the winter season. This plant was exactly opposite in nature to the tree. The lily plant had very flexible stems.

One day the tree said to the lily plant, “You are so little that you are of no use. I am a large tree. See my leaves and thorns. I am such a beautiful tree that I attract all the passers-by.”

The plant replied softly, “The size is not as important as our qualities. I am flexible. Many flowers bloom on me. Everyone likes my flowers.”

The tree laughed and said, “I think size is more important. No one can crush me under his feet.”

The plant kept quiet. Just then, heavy wind started blowing. Within a few minutes, there was a storm. The wind was blowing at such speed that it was difficult to even stand.

People went into their houses. Animals hid themselves to save their lives. But the poor trees and plants couldn’t go anywhere. They were bound to take the wrath of the storm.


Acacia tree’s trunk was also swaying with the great force of the wind. The tree was trying to save itself but the gale was severe. The strong winds uprooted the tree and the whole of it fell on the earth.


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