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"So, did you ever have a girlfriend?" Raj's fiancée Meera asked him.

"Well, virtually yes, but practically no." Raj replied.

"Huh!! I didn't get you there..." She said, and smirked.

"That's a long story, are you sure you wanna hear it?" Raj asked.

Anxiously Meera said, "Yeah, sure."

Raj started his story by saying, "This happened in my college days. I was not always a handsome and fit guy like I am today. In college days, I was a boring and physically unattractive guy with specs. Almost every other friend of mine had a girlfriend, but I never had one. One night I had drinks with my life's biggest mistake-cum-friend Sam. As I was drunk, I expressed my feelings to him about not having a girl in my life. He suggested that I should use FB and start networking.

I liked his suggestion and did so. I did some cool status updates, uploaded some ultra cool pics and send some friend requests to girls. Luckily I met a girl named "Shivangi". We started with a casual "hi" and it went well further. We used to chat a lot. We liked each other. We talked a lot like almost about everything. We used to call each other "Sugar heart". I almost thought, I will marry her someday...

Meera interrupted him by saying, "Hello!!"

Raj said, "Miss Jealous, let me finish.."

With a reddish face and angry look Meera said, "Okay, go ahead!!"

Raj continued, "Yeah, I liked Shivangi. While I was going with my Yash Chopra's movie moments, I thought to thank Sam. I went in his room and he was having a bath, but his laptop was on. I saw a FB profile opened in it. It was Shivangi's profile. I saw all my conversions there and got that it's his prank..."

Meera interrupted again by her laugh and said, "Ha ha ha ha.. Sam's always amazing with pranks. Just love him for it. By the way, my future husband, what you did next?"

Raj said, "Nothing he was having a bath. My mind automatically turned into devil and I locked the bathroom door. I opened it after 10 hours. It took Sam, 1000+ sorry and many regretful words to make my mind to open it. He had to do it because he was cloth-less inside bathroom in that winter season. Well, that was the day our real friendship started and we became best friends."

Meera asked Raj, "Aha! Is that how you took your revenge with Sam?"

Raj replied, "Nah, that was small punishment for him because I think revenge never fits in friendship. Although, I took revenge in sweet manner. I just got engaged to his sister and am going to marry her very soon, you see."

Meera blushed and smiled with love. Suddenly Meera's mobile rang. Post to looking at mobile screen, she looked at Raj. Anxiously Raj acknowledge by asking her, "Who's there?"

Meera quickly replied, "Your Sugar Heart."

"Ha ha ha ha ha. That's so funny. Now pick up the call, madam" Raj replied.

Meera picked up the call and said, "Hello! Shivangi...Uppsss, I mean hello bhai..."

In the end, Raj was smiling lightly with a facepalm.

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