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The 5 Wi - 3
The 5 Wi - 3

© Mangesh Shirke

Action Fantasy Thriller

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Milena moved her weapon in the direction of the robbers, her eyes and ears continuously scanning for movement. The robbers were totally shocked, looking at each other.

"All of you raise your hands and stand up..!" Milena warned all of them. 3 officers were inside with her, the fourth guarding the exteriors. All five of them stood up slowly, raising their hands. Their laptops and other gizmo gadgets, which Milena couldn't identify, were connected to the internet station server with a network of cables. They are installing the program, Milena thought. All five of them, wearing clothes resembling the colours of wires, were now standing in front of her.

Suddenly, she heard a bursting sound on her left. Before she could even look at the source of sound, she saw bright flashes of white light. It took a moment for her to understand the 5-wi had gone back to their time, leaving all of their equipment in the station. The entire scene happened just within a matter of seconds. Milena went closer and observed their apparatus. There were laptops, display tabs, display routers, BUS cables and a number of LAN connectors. It became easier for Milena, as all of their ideas and their entire data was with her.

Suddenly, she came to know something. She checked her display tab which had the data that her cyber expert team had patched her before she made a jaunt. She then checked the CCTV footage of the robbery.

"That's it...!!" she exclaimed looking at it," I did it..... fantastic.....!" she said to one of her officers standing with her, "they couldn't upload the whole virus in the software inside the bank's server. They could easily open the firewall, but they couldn't install the whole software glitch inside because we came and interrupted them. This has helped us with a very important wonderful thing...!" she showed them the display tab. It contained the live footage of the robbers entering directly in the locker room with bright flashes of light. In the half a hour time frame that they got, they looted all the bank and had escaped. Now, with the past changed, a new timeline was created. Since the software couldn't be uploaded fully as Milena attacked the robbers while doing this, only the bank lockers and every other security system was shut down, except the CCTV. They were fully functional and grabbed the entire footage showing the robbers with their faces doing the heist in the bank.

The five WI bounced back in their time.

"We have done a big mistake...!” the black one said, "I told you to make a jaunt in the future to check what happens if we get caught here..! If we could have known what had happened, we could have installed the glitch at a later date, thereby reducing the risk of us getting caught....!"

"We could have done that...! But do you know how many time lines could have been created...!! And what can anyone guarantee that the inspector won't popup while we again install the program on the sever at a later date...!!! Even she's travelling in time... You know that..!! What could have been the.... "

The past is changed...!" the green one, a scientist, said looking at the computer.” have a look at this..!" he said, moving the display screen towards them. All of them observed the screen.

It was a live feed from a news channel.

It showed the faces of all the five robbers clearly as fugitives in the case of robbing. The news also showed a CCTV grab of the heist being carried out, as well as the robbers escaping out with a flash of light. They were being described as aliens or ghosts from the future.

"Did you see that...?" the blue one, now agitated screamed back to the black one, "We travelled back in time and installed the glitch at a later date. But still the inspector came to stop us...! We could only install part of the program from our laptops..! And the result? The CCTV were working, recording us LIVE while doing the heist....!!!Why didn't you just kill her when she came to the service station..? "

“How could I... We were busy installing the software. We all knew she would come.... But never knew she would come so early.....! “The black one replied back.

"We can go with an idea....I do think she may be still in the past...!" The white one, their leader said.

Milena was now happy. She finally got live footages of the robbers. That evidence was enough to grab the terrorists. Since their faces were also visible, it was easy for her to track them down and gradually using latest softwares, track their whereabouts.

"We finally have what we wanted....! Now it would be quite easier to track them..." Suddenly she stopped in her tracks. Something dawned upon her.

Instantly, she turned back and ordered her team, "All of you immediately press the return button before they...." her sentence was cut short as bright flashes of light caught her eyes. Shielding her eyes, she knew who it was.

The 5-wi landed just in front of her and without warning, started firing in her direction. Without counter firing them, her entire team pressed the buttons on their wrists device. In the midst of firing and counter firing, Milena and her team bounced back in their own time, 8 minutes after they had left for the jaunt.

"I totally misunderstood them...!" Milena screamed as she and her team bounced back on the cradle chair, one by one in series. "I never knew they would come back...!! They came back in time just to kill me....! By killing me, the past would have altered....!!! So, basically I wouldn't exist in this timeline and it would happen that a new timeline is created. I don't catch them while they are installing the glitch, and thereby easing their work..!!! How come I never knew this.....! “furious, Milena almost screamed.

“Keep your calm, Inspector.....”Dr. Eric somehow consoled her. "Their aim was to kill you in any way...! In fact, be grateful that you are alive and now you have still more chance to get them...!"

"That's right....!" Milena exclaimed, I think you know that I have... "

" I clearly know what you wanna say..."Dr Eric chuckled." The robbers are clearly visible in almost every CCTV feed of the bank...! I've patched the faces to your investigating team. They've already started the search. You'll probably get the results in.... "

“We have them....!”The team leader of the investigating team came running towards them." We have tracked them using the time graph. A time graph is a type of signal that emerges out when someone creates a disturbance in the current time. These signals are actually a sort of invisible connections between the original time and the destination time. Since both of us are using time machines, the same signal is used to teleport people. The time machine usually records all of the jumps we make in time, however if some other time travel is going on the same moment, the time graphs are also recorded in the main Time Server. Our servers have tracked them down to a remote location, almost 500 kilometres inside a deserted location in a central continent, about 50 years in the future. "He showed them the location.

“But there's all a green forest there right now..!” Dr. Eric said, looking at the location.

"But soon, that'll turn into a suitable apparatus for a time machine." Turning to Dr Eric, she said, "Since this phenomenon will occur almost 50 years from present, it means that the robbers are probably only kids now, or they may not even be born now. Why not track them down right now and just stop them either from getting born or why not modify their thinking...? "

“You just saw what happens if the past is altered. Tracking them right now or their families will not be a difficult task, but if we alter their future, it will have adverse effects on our future as well... "

Milena was still lost in her thoughts. “If we are using the time machine to track them, similarly..” she replied with a shocking expression, “Even they can track us using their time machine and destroy everything here…which actually they want..!”

Everyone in the Research centre, including Dr. Eric, stared at her.

“We need to take steps fast..! Cyber team, immediately give us the location of their hideout. I need to go and arrest them, before they realise where we are. Dr. Eric, send me and my team to the future, about 50 years henceforth. We’ll then track them and…”

“That long jump is not possible…! Your body may become unstable, as it has to adjust to the time at present & one in the future…! You may even suffer…” Dr. Eric cautioned her.

“I know that, but I’ll have to figure out something…!”

“We no longer exist in the future…! I had gone to the future to check what happens next…” The Red one from the 5-wi team had jaunted in the future to check their status, “since the software glitch couldn’t install properly, all the CCTVs were left unlocked, which made our faces visible to every police department in the world, making us fugitives…!”

All the other members couldn’t believe this. We no longer exist?

“I then did another thing. I search the Police news websites on internet. Finally I found a date when we get arrested. Wanna know when it happens..? It is today….!” He almost screamed, “We will be arrested a few hours from now….! They were probably using the time graph technology to track us down…! We need to escape ….”

“Wait…! No need to escape…!” The white one, their leader said. “I gonna do something…!” he said as he adjusted the time & location where he wanted to travel.

With a flash of light, he landed in the past, almost 30 years before. He knew Milena the day he saw her & suddenly had realised who she was. It was because of him that Milena’s parents were dead. He had robbed her mother’s handbag, which eventually led to the death of her family. In the past, he was a robber stealing bags and other required stuff from people.

As he landed in the exact location, he saw those three people walking on the road.

“I’ve changed everything…!” The White one reported to his team once he was back. Searching something on the internet, he replied “Some years ago, when I was a small robber on streets, I had grabbed a Lady’s purse .She and her husband ran behind me, but a garbage truck ran over them, killing both. I went in the past at the same location, and instructed the three people, to take some other route & proceed. The three people were: young Milena as a toddler, her father Dr. Mark and her mother Dr. Elisa.”

All of them were shocked.

“You see, I just requested her dad to change the route. This very, very small event in the past changed a whole future…! Something as small as a flutter of a butterfly’s wings can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” The white one chuckled. “Since I modified the past, Milena’s parents are not killed. They survive, helping Milena grow up in their own home environment. The main part of all this is….Milena never becomes an inspector...! I just searched on the internet and found that Milena is one of the famous doctors of that city..! She became a doctor, just like her parents…!” Signalling to the data that the Black one had got from another future, he said, “After some time, we won’t even remember who Milena was. We just looted the bank and escaped. No confusing timelines, no alternate future, nothing..! Every evidence, every info all of it will be deleted in a short time…! But I did spare one of those doctors in her department, who created the Time Machine. I’ll deal with him later…! Don’t worry, the money remains with us…..!”

As he said this, all the CCTV footage, all the alternate future, all of the previous timelines, everything was erased.

Dr. Milena, along with her father Dr. Mark, was driving on the CBIC highway. As they drove, she glanced at the huge facade detailed in Gothic Architecture of the CBIC Bank HQ, just adjacent to the highway. A wonderful building, she thought.

“Just heard this bank got robbed,” her father said.

“Yes. And the police are yet to nab the robbers, they have no evidence, no signs of break ins, no altered passwords, nothing.” Dr. Milena said to her father. “They just came from nowhere and escaped to nowhere..!” she said as their car rode along the highway.


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