Who is The Boss?

Who is The Boss?

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“Dude, I am li’l confused!” said Whatsapp, scratching his head.

“What’s the matter??” Smartphone snapped his brows together.

“Are we controlling humans or humans controlling us? I ain’t getting this shit!” Whatsapp narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“What do you mean by ’are we’ huh?” Smartphone’s ego got hurt, “I do control humans you better acknowledge this shit, okay!? Their all work will be stopped without me and as for you li’l shit, you won’t even be exist without me. Got it?” said in furious tone.

“Whoa whoa dude… hold it right there,” Internet interrupted, “without me you guys are totally useless… nobody will work until I am flow in you. So inculcate that I am the most powerful to control humans. Gotchya!” said flipping his hair back.

Suddenly screen popped up with *Battery is 5% now!*

Big laugh echoed through the speakers, “Oh Boy! Everybody got scared! Eh? Now you guys continue your chatting. I gotta go to sleep. Good night kids!” Battery spoke, preparing to lay in his comfy bed.

Everyone begged to him all at once, “Bro…bro…sorry… we were just kidding. Please don’t go to sleep otherwise we will all be dead. Please bro! You are The Great! We were mistaken ‘bout you…” Everybody’s face got dimed pleading to him.

Battery laughed his lungs out seeing their poor faces.

“Oh shit man! My battery got drained! I gotta put it on charging…” said human, plugging charger pin.

“Hear me out kids… don’t ever forget who is The Boss here. Stay in your limits. Is this clear?” said battery, adjusting his soft pillow.

“Yes Boss…” everybody spoke in rhythm, lowering their languish heads.  

“Atta kids… Now off you go! I gotta take some rest… and hey music!” said battery, chewing energy gum.

“Yes Boss” said with pale smile.

“Play some nice relaxing music… will ya!” said battery, placing his headphones over ears.

After few hours, *Your battery is 100% full!*

Battery stretched big yawn, and said, “Hey kids! How’re y’all doin’?”

“Refreshing Boss…” said all at once in rhythm.

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