The Guilty Committment

The Guilty Committment

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‘Why do we have to be always in a veil? Why can’t we make our relationship public?’ Aditi asked Rohan with confusion and the pain in her heart, confused in the ways Rahul was dealing with their relationship.

‘I wonder why does the world matter to you so much?’ Rohan asked.

‘The world doesn’t matter, it is just I am tired of hiding our relationship.’ Aditi said with tears rolling down from her eyes. ‘Everyone else is in a relationship, but us, even though we are in a relationship, for the world we are single. Why Rohan? I want a genuine reason.’

‘I just don’t want to commit ok? There you got my genuine answer.’ Rohan said, raising his eyebrow.

‘It has been 4 years now Rohan! Four years and you say this now? Really? Tell me if you are seeing someone else behind my back.’

‘Wow, now you doubt me?’ Rohan astonished.

‘Yes, you guessed it right. Either you tell the world about us or we end the relationship right away’. Aditi warned him.

There was a pin of silence for the moment and Rohan parted his lips and said ‘You know I love you, you know I do but if you tell the world about us then...’

‘Then what Rohan? Who is stopping you, huh?’ Aditi asked Rohan, shaking his hand.

‘The moment you tell the world about us, you will lose me forever... now the choice is your Aditi.’

Hearing those harsh words that stabbed her heart, leaving a forever scar, she fell on the bed bursting into tears, ‘Just leave Rohan, just leave.’  The atmosphere goes silent all of a sudden and only the sobbing of Aditi could be heard. He was gone by leaving her in pain, he just went away.

Thousands of thoughts were going on in Aditi’s mind, a million of assumptions about why her beloved Rohan can’t take their relationship to the public, which she wanted so much. She wanted to take the relationship to the next level, get married and raise a family with him, a happy family. But all her dreams seemed to fall apart in just a blow of words, like a sudden storm which destroyed every desire she holds till now.

Days have passed and there was no sign of Rohan. She couldn't find him anywhere. His phone was switched off. She even went to check on his home, where once he told her that he lives alone was also locked. Worries started to overwhelm Aditi, about the sudden disappearance of Rohan. She was missing him very much. The only thing she could think was about Rohan, she was feeling sorry for her words. ‘Maybe he would have stayed if I were not being so stubborn with him about our relationship.’ Aditi was regretting her words. She couldn’t even ask about Rohan to anyone since she never told about him to her friends nor did he tell her about his friends. It was just them, him and Aditi and that’s all was their world. Where did Rohan go suddenly?

Months have passed now, still, there was no trace of Rohan and with each month passing, Aditi was losing her mind and hope. She cried almost all the time, regretting and blaming herself for his sudden disappearance. ‘Please come back Rohan’ Aditi wished in tears of loneliness with a painful heart.

‘Don’t cry Aditi’ a voice came from behind her. All her sadness disappeared soon she saw Rohan standing in front of her. For her, he was the world, he was the only desire she wished all these months, the only thing she wished was that he would come back to her. Nothing mattered to her anymore, she even forgot about the words she spoke to him last time about their relationship. Right now if anything she wanted, then, it was him.

She rubbed the tears from her eyes and cheek and ran to Rohan, hugged him tightly, ‘where you have been Rohan? I am sorry, forget what I asked last time ok? We can be in secret. I don’t want anything but you to be in my life else it is darkness Rohan, just darkness.’

Rohan hugged her back and calmed her down, 'I love you Aditi, but you have to forget me, you have to let me go.’ These words stabbed her heart once again. It was just a moment of happiness which turned blue in a second.

‘No, why, what?’ she was lost not knowing what to say, unable to utter a single word she just stared at Rohan with shock and confusion. She couldn’t take the pain again and fell unconscious on the floor.

Aditi opens her eyes and finds herself in a hospital room, surrounded by her mom and dad.

‘Mom, why am I here?’ she asked being confused.

Aditi’s mom burst into tears and gets out of the cabin, it was surely a pain to see her own daughter in the hospital.

‘Never mind your mother, she is sensitive’ her dad said, grabbing Aditi’s hand and assuring her that everything is fine.

The door of the cabin opens and the doctor comes in. He checks Aditi’s pulses and her heartbeat. He then takes off his stethoscope and asks Aditi’s dad to follow him.

‘Aditi I will be back in some moment, you take some rest, dear’, saying this Aditi’s dad followed the doctor out of the cabin.


‘Please have a seat, Mr. Mehra, I need to tell you something about your daughter.’

‘Is there anything to worry doctor?’ Aditi’s dad asked with concern.

The doctor takes a deep breath and says ‘This is a different kind of case that has been going on with your daughter, Mr. Mehra. Though there is nothing to worry if the medicines and dosage are taken properly and on a regular basis, the cure is definitely possible. We have seen such cases with a success rate of 90%.’

‘What is the matter, Doctor?’

‘Your daughter is going through a highly depressive phase and I fear the case behind her situation is her own mind.’

‘She was taking a name... Rohan, will it cure her depression doctor if we call Rohan here?’ Aditi’s dad asked.

‘Rohan, whose name she was taking all this time doesn’t exist other than in her mind, Mr. Mehra. It is her pure imagination and not real.’

Knowing his daughter is mentally ill, he breaks down in tears.

‘But there is nothing to worry, I have prescribed the medicines and with some meditation and care, she should be fine, though it will be a long term treatment with counseling, if needed. I assure you, if you follow the advice then your daughter will be mentally healthy once again. Please remember never to stress her about anything.’ The doctor assured her dad with a smile.

Aditi’s dad was taken back with what he learned. He told his wife everything and they decided to take Aditi back to her hometown so that they can take proper care of her.


‘Mom-dad, was Rohan here? Please don’t tell him I told you about him else he will never meet me again.’ Aditi says with tears rolling down her eyes, staring at the cabin’s door with a hope that Rohan will come but maybe this time Rohan will never come again....

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