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Desperate Love - Chapter 1
Desperate Love - Chapter 1

© Swayam Virmani


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“New York” is a City of Dreams. But it was not a Dream. It was more close to reality.

‘Mina…’ said her sister, ‘What on Earth are you doing here Minakshi?’

Minakshi said, ‘What am I doing? Just drinking a Bourgogne. It’s my favorite wine. But it’s very expensive in New York. Now, just Let me sleep. Just Takeeee….a room.’

Her sister said, ‘You are a drunkard. But is this wine really tasty? I wanted to taste it. But The Room is important. We have to go Paris and I just wanted Beaujolais. Ok. Enough talk. Let’s take a room in hotel for a day and then we will go to our home LE PARIS.’

Then they went into a hotel. Eventually the manager of that hotel was half French. So the name plate of the hotel was written in bold letters- LE HOTEL. There was an accent on ‘O’ so we were sure that hotel would be interesting, having lots and lots of wine. And I am telling you that you cannot learn French Wines name above 20 wines except the French People. My sister was thinking to drink some glasses or bottles or even tubs of Beaujolais.

They took the room there only for one day as they had to go to Paris the next day. At night, we went to a bar inside the LE HOTEL. We enjoyed there a…a lot and there were many types of Cheese and STUFF like that- like LE BRIE and so and so.

We were all drunk and the only wish we wished was to sleep in a comfortable bed. We closed our eyes and I thought of Ajit, My Boyfriend.

That man is very smart and handsome. I think he had so many GF’s in the past. But I always liked him. Mom and Dad had already decided the engagement date - after full one month. I think it is not a very long time but when I come to my bed I always think of long One Month!

So, at the last we slept.

We were not able to open our eyes when we heard some voices from our room not from me, not from My Sister at around 3 P.M. It was a very disgusting movement. The only thing I saw was a man holding a knife and opening my suitcase. He was putting my Passport inside his pocket.

He was stealing my things as well as my Sister’s. My sister woke up. I started to cry. It took some minutes to know what was happening. My sister shouted. LE HOTEL was in danger. I was in danger. My sister was in danger. All the members in the Hotel were in danger. The hotel was attacked.

I was able to see, that they were taking My Sister’s Passport and Visa. My sister closed her eyes. A man entered in the room. He was holding a gun. I was thinking - Now I Could Meet Ajit. A JOKE.

The man closed his eyes for a second and then ran to the thief. The thief looked up. And a beautiful fight.

The Man won and the Thief went away.

It was a very horrifying time room in a hotel.

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