A Letter After Death From A Mother To Her Son

A Letter After Death From A Mother To Her Son

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I know tears have been rolling those dark eyes of yours.

You would have caught a cold and must be having a running nose.

Things haven't been easy for us all this while.

I know you have hidden everything and kept giving me a smile.

I wanted to tell you, you have been a good son

Bringing you was about a lot of happiness and fun

But now you are grown up and have a life of your own

I wonder how fast you grew up, and how quick time has flown

You kept on working hard and made us proud

As you were growing young, I was getting ready for the shroud.

You held by the word and did all that we said

But you forgot to live, that is what I was afraid.

Phone calls and laptops started becoming your life

I know life is not easy, it is a double-edged knife,

But a cup of coffee and a holiday together is all it takes

After all you work, earn all for family sakes

I love you, son, and you have been great

Winning hearts matter more than just accolade

I know life has hit hard, but I know you are strong like me

You have been strong and that is what you have to be

I know you won't listen but make sure you don't miss me

Be happy my child and do take care

The only pray I had in each of mine prayer

Love you

Your mother

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