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First of all I would like to thanks to author which inspired me to be a writer. I am not a professional writer. Its my beginning.

I wrote this story because one year back I was suffering from depression. This was a disease for me. But now this disease give me an inspiration to write. Write what I feel and how can I communicate with others about my helplessness which I was feeling one year back.

Depression means deep plus expression. A kind of expression and behavior which we cant discuss openly with others. Two year back I got divorced but it was my beginning of new life. But at that time I was thinking it as a disaster of my life. Sometimes we feel that why everything bad happened with us every time but its not true it is our thoughts that indulge us in that type of thinking. As we change our thoughts our life will change automatically. Depression is a game of thoughts. Now we have to decide how we play. We can play and be a winner and also can be a defeater. Its a game of mind. Our mind is very smart. It play with us every time and every second. Every second we are thinking something. Why we cant live in present and become our life beautiful. Why our happiness depends on others but not on us. Happiness starts with us not others. If we follow this simple formula of life our life become beautiful and we can live each day with a smile.

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