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If You Do And I Do
If You Do And I Do

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Couple of months ago, I remember an incident where I went through wrong side of the road nearby to home while going to back to home from office as you "U" turn was far and I just had to take right towards my home which was very near if I went on wrong side,

While going on wrong side some people on bikes, cars had frustrated reaction on their faces as I was blocking their way and they might have even scolded me I didn’t notice but still I was adamant and I was looking at their faces as if I am not wrong or they are getting angry on me without a reason and in fact I was looking at them with question mark expression on my face, as if you never went in wrong side of the road or what? Come on everyone does that once in a while.

You guys know what I am talking about right?

Next day while going to office on the same road I encountered a guy on the bike coming on the wrong side, traffic was already heavy and I got more slower because of him and I yelled at him (in unofficial language which I cannot mention here :-)not realizing I was doing the same thing yesterday which I realized later after I reached to somewhat free road ahead.


What is the most easy and most difficult thing in life? Answer is "mistakes" easy to judge when others do it and difficult to realize when we do it.. APJ Abdul Kalam

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