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The Demon In The Heart
The Demon In The Heart

© Aniruddh Iyer

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The opponent I was fighting was a blood thirsty monster. Nothing gave him more pleasure than slaughtering an army. I opened my eyes as they shone with a deadly intent and I watched him approach. With my black sword in my right hand I ran swiftly in a zig-zag pattern towards the enemy. My enemy went by the name Bhadra.

Bhadra watched me come and stopped. His opponent was swifter than any man he had seen. He tightened his grip on his weapons and waited (A wide-bladed scimitar in one hand and a wooden club as thick as a tree trunk on the other). For all my speed, even a glancing blow from either weapon would kill me or set me up for the coup de grace.

I ran towards my adversary, sword in hand. As I neared him, Bhadra swung his scimitar, looking to cut his opponent in half. I did not check my run; I dropped to my knees and bent backwards allowing the thick curved blade to pass inches above me. My momentum started to carry me past the giant. As I slid across the coarse sand, I reversed the grip on my sword and slashed the back of Bhadra’s thigh. The cut had been executed with surgical precision; it cut through layers of thick –corroded muscle and nicked the hamstring of the demon. Bhadra felt his right leg stiffen; he turned slowly on his other leg to face his slippery opponent. As Bhadra raised his blade to attack, he left his right side open for one brief second and I was quick to pounce on the opportunity. I could see Bhadra feeling a sharp pain under his armpit just above the protection of his armour. His entire right side went numb, his fingers opened and the scimitar fell to the ground.

The stab had once again been delivered with pinpoint accuracy. It crippled one of the marmas or nerve centers of the giant warrior. As I danced out of reach, Bhadra’s eyes widened in shock. He was not just being bested, he was being systematically taken apart by the one who seemed no more than cannon fodder moments ago.

I then dropped my guard and waited for my adversary to come to me. The giant warrior moved slowly as he dragged the crippled right side of his body. Bhadra raised his club and advanced menacingly. I stood my ground, waiting. The giant put all his weight behind the club as he swung it. Even if he did miss the blow, the huge girth could smother me.

I watched the giant come and, at the last minute, flung myself forward flat on the ground. I slid through the legs of Bhadra and as I came up behind him I swung the sword. The slash was aimed low at the heel and it found its mark as it severed the demon’s left Achilles tendon.

His left leg now rendered useless, Bhadra turned slowly on his already injured right leg, using his club as a crutch. His great bulk that had served him well in so many battles had now become his enemy. He swayed like a giant old tree in a storm and then fell to the ground with an earth shaking impact.

I would give the citizens of this empire something to remember and fear, I thought to myself, as I stood over the giant warrior.

Bhadra looked up at his death in the garb of a ruthless young warrior. The blue eyes that stared at him were cold and hard and shone like a pair of diamonds. I, his opponent, bent down and ripped his armour off his chest. Bhadra felt nothing as the black sword cut a hole in his chest. He continued to stare into that angelic face with a morbid fascination.

I looked down at the open chest of my enemy and saw his beating heart. A cry of horror ensued from those watching, as I knelt down, reached into the cavity and ripped out the heart of the demon general. I stood up, one foot on the body of Bhadra and offered the still pumping organ to those of the foes left. Then I held it up high, threw back his head and squeezed the blood from it into my open mouth.

There were a few horrified looks on the faces of even my people. I grinned to myself as I proceeded with the macabre ceremony. I had indeed put on a show nobody would forget. The people of this place and the few demons left would carry this tale all across the wide plains. After all war transforms people into all, God, demon and vampire.

What better way than this for a conqueror to announce his arrival.

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