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Drama Fantasy Romance

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It is a story abt an old rich business man Vishwam and his depression.The story takes place in the year 2043.Vishwam was a wealthy man but he was so much frustrated with his life that he was living alone.Vishwam's wife Dia left him because of his bad behaviour towards his son.Vishwam started taking treatment from a therapist to cure his mental stigma.

One day Vishwam sees a bad dream in his sleep. He sees a beautiful girl smiling at him. It shifts to an unknown place, he surrounded by bullies. He sees a bully smiling at him with pity. Suddenly the dream shifted to a dead body which was unknown but its face was sad. Vishwam suddenly wakes up from his dream in panic and goes to the hospital. Vishwam's therapist Tovino diagnoses him with a major depressive disorder .Tovino explains Vishwam that Vishwams' condition was due to the grief of lost time. Vishwam was not at all satisfied with his life. When taking Vishwam's life as three stages, his adolescence was the triggering stage of the disorder which consequently grew into a full form later. They together started to find out a way to cure Vishwam's grief of lost time.

Time Machine

Tovino suggested Vishwam the use of the most advanced Russian made Time machine like device which will allow 'thought travel'. Thought travel was a new concept born from Tovino's former Psychology Professor at Harvard University.

Thought travel was a very dangerous process. Sometimes, the person undergoing thought travel cannot come back to life. Thought travel machine is to"recreate" life situations based on emotional memory. "One of its deficiency is that a man using it can't come back to life only after experiencing a thought stop or a cure. In psychological context "the root reason behind depression'.

The machine works in such a way that it dips itself into the first thought that causes the depression. Then it travels through the time to recreate the events and undergoes an emotional journey through time. Tovino tells Vishwam that if he will be able to enjoy his past he can enjoy a happy future. After many discussions Vishwam shows great interest to thought travel.

Vishwam undergoes thought travel therapy and goes to his adolescence stage to find out his first unresolved puzzle—the trigger of his depression.



At first, Vishwam travels to his adolescence. He’s shocked to find out himself sitting in a classroom. It was like being lost in a thought and forgetting who he is, then in the next instant you are a different person. Vishwam began searching for his trigger for sadness. Consequently, Vishwam happens to see his lost love Tara in his school. Vishwam had developed a love for her. Unfortunately, Vishwam finally understood that his love was just infatuation and not real. By this understanding, his experience was a release of emotions that he had held for longer. By releasing his emotion he experienced a ‘thought shift’. He was taken to the next puzzle.

College Life

Vishwam found himself ruminating in college. When he was greeted by a girl he ws seen observing her assets. Because of her bad impression abt girls he cant talk to a girl he dont even have a girlfriend.he solely observes himself.while reliving the college life he founds that most of the people around him are happy and they have lovers but he is the one who lives with frustration.Nobody looks at him,nobody talks to him he is stereotyped as a selfish one.he decided to recreate that period of life in different way.

In Vishwams original life he wasted his college life by living like a snell in its shell.he has strong grief inside him because he was not able to express his love to his college crush Mia. he was so jealous of one of his colleque "Bala" who bullied him and was the boyfriend of his secret crush.Due to his fear during that time he was unable to express his internal desires.

He began to undergo a process of self-exploration by taking surveys from his friends. He was saddened by understanding the fact that most of the people didn’t like his behaviour.

He decided to recreate the events by learning to be "himself". Vishwam figured out that when he was young he would always boast about the chaos he will make in his teenage. Vishwams concept was "chaos creates fame". Vishwam tried to express his attitude to his seniors through his words. Vishwam wrote bad things about his seniors in classroom walls and benches. he got into fights with the king Bala and courageously fought back.

Vishwam argued with his friends and teachers about his ideas of freedom. Slowly his colleagues tried to understand and accept his ideas. Vishwam built huge followers. He became the charismatic guy in the college. This made Bala boil with rage. The college has organized industrial visit to Hampi. There Vishwam happens to meet his crush Mia. And slowly they became friends. Mia ends up telling him that she doesn’t like Bala. Even though he was bold, he was not all clever. Mia proposes Vishwam during their IV. She tells him that she was a huge fan of him. She argues that they both have same ideas of life and they are made for each other. Bala warns Vishwam that if he unites with his girlfriend he will kill him.

On the graduation day, Vishwam plans to kiss Mia in front of thr whole college. It was actually Mia’s plan to show Bala and his bad ass friends. During the graduation day, Mia announces her secret affair to whole college. She invites Vishwam on the stage to give the whole college a surprise. When Mia turns to kiss him suddenly Vishwam gets triggered by his childhood memories and his beloved wife. He turns back and says, "I don’t think this is real love.” Mia gets shocked. When he begins to leave Mia feels strong grief. She confesses it was all a plan and tells his teachers that it was all a plan…when going out of the college he again felt a thought shift by releasing his anxieties of life.


Fathet-Son Relationship 

Vishwam’s journey gets deeper, and deeper means strong emotions he has to face and strong secrets he has been hiding from his mind. When Vishwam goes deeper through time, he finds himself in his home. Vishwam fails to understand why he was placed in such a time. When he looks at the calender, he finds out that it was the day that his father died.

In his real life, Vishwam hated his father very much. When his father got liver cirrhosis, he ignored him and never cared for him. Vishwam felt no affection for him in his life. After his father died he grieved everyday thinking about his bad attitude to his father.

He understands that his repressed father-son relationship was the main cause of his depression. On that final day, he goes for a walk with his father forgiving him for every bad things he did. He tells him that he loves him the most and at that night his father passes away. When looks at his father’s dead body he observes that his father face had a smile which was the opposite of the last image he saw in his dream. He experiences the "thought cure" breaking the depression chain and comes back to real life.

Vishwam also understands that it was his jealousy of bully turning into the love for his crush and finally comes to the fact that he and his wife were really "made for each other". He reunites with his wife and his son and leads a happy life.



This is a Story about Thought travel.A depressed man travels through his thoughts through 3 stages of his life.He tries to Solve the Puzzle to find an end to his Mental Stigma.

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