5) A Cherry Blossom Heart, Ch-5:-It Is Time For Revenge!

5) A Cherry Blossom Heart, Ch-5:-It Is Time For Revenge!

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 Moedig screamed with anger and bellowed out that it is time for revenge. 

Moedig prepared for his quest. He went to the same place next to the lake where the dragon had attacked his father many years ago. "Come out you cowardly monster!" he yelled. The massive dragon came out, but he was weak, the years had taken a toll on him; yet still willing for a fight. Moedig fought with all his might. So determined was Moedig that eventually, the weak dragon gave up and asked for mercy. Tears rolled down his eyes in such quantity that it looked like rain has started pouring from the sky. The huge fallen dragon begged him to understand that the tree was not really a tree but the dragon’s heart and he needed humans for it to survive. But very few humans ventured into the forest and the dragon grew weak.

Moedig was curious, "why did you not swallow me, I was living on your tree-heart for so long and I am sure you knew that". The dragon said that he did not do so because Moedig took good care of his heart. The dragon requested Moedig to finish him off by cutting the longest branch of the tree because he wanted to die in peace than live in pain. 

To which Moedig agreed but before doing so he asked, "will my father be free when I will cut the branch". The dragon sadly replied "when you will cut the branch of my heart, the tree will lose my soul. But unfortunately your father will still get sucked into the tree and soon its leaves and flowers will bloom into fresh ones from a new soul. The tree will become your father or your father the tree”.


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