Peace In The Chaos

Peace In The Chaos

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The sunlight had a different shade today, bright yet bewildering. It hid a dreadful feeling - the feeling of something ominous lurking around the corner.

"These dishes ain't gonna clean themselves." Martha said to herself as she tried to convince herself that no one else in this house would be considerate enough to wash them for her.

He was right there. As she turned around, she should've expected him sitting on that dreaded chair lost in his own thoughts, but it seemed surprising. In that filthy old robe, he sat there staring at the ground.

Bill had been aimless and miserable for a while now. After the dispute with his partner, he hadn't come around to get in terms with life. Martha hated the sight of him, yet she couldn't ignore the presence of his own brother living with her at this age. He was the person who gave her wisdom, taught her how to tackle life. Yet he sat there, miserable and confused.

"I had a terrible dream last night." he said in a voice that sounded like torture to the ears.

Martha didn't want to hear him talk this morning. She wanted to forget that he existed for a while. She wanted solitude.

"I don't know what to make of it. Do you want to know what it was?" he said as he proceeded to fidget around with the cloth on the table.

She didn't want to hear what he had to say. She wanted to run away. She wanted to disappear. Yet there was a whisper of thought in her mind, 'Dreams don't come true if you tell someone about it'. It's what their mother used to say, or maybe that's what Martha remembered. Her mother was the one who held the family together. She was the only good that came out of life for Martha. Martha was in conflict, but bill carried on.

"I dreamt that i woke up in the middle of the the sound of the phone ringing. Everything looked hazy as i tried to get a hold of myself. There was this jarring noise of which i couldn't figure out the origin." He said with elaborate hand gestures.

Martha wasn't looking at him. She was looking out the window above the sink, watching Bob and his wife take the morning walk as usual. They always seemed happy - it was disturbing.

"I looked out the window to check if the sun was out. I saw Samantha's car parked up on our had a dent on its bumper. The drunk neighbor. The red color was scraped off revealing the white insides. It looked like she had a mild accident...the type where she was the culprit. The phone wouldn't stop ringing. Watching the car I had this terrible thought which I couldn't shake off." He said as he put his palms over his face and then caressed his bald head.

Martha's mind seemed to register every word bill said but she was lost in her own thoughts. She thought of her mother. The times Nancy used to sing to both of them. No matter how she felt, Nancy always knew. She wanted Bill to stop talking, she wanted to embrace the presence of her beloved mother; Fancy Nancy, people used to call her.

Bill used to be a funny type of guy. He was fun to hangout with. She could go as far as to say that Bill was one of the cool kids. Now he was just a person who didn't even deserve sympathy. Martha loved him, yet she didn't want to ever see him again. Mother loved him more than anyone else. Lost in the train of thoughts, Martha looked over to the side through the window and saw Samantha's car.

"I had a feeling that there was bad news on the other end of the phone. I somehow just knew. Maybe it was Samatha, maybe it was someone else?" Bill said as he adjusted his chair.

Martha tried to focus on the car and she realized that it was parked up on Bill's driveway. It had a dent on the bumper. A subtle one. The accident wasn't surprising considering Samantha was drunk most of the time. She shrugged it off thinking this picture of the car somehow made its way into Bill's dream.

"It was Jill. You remember mom's caretaker? It was her. She seemed like she was gasping. 'Nan...Nanc..Nanciee..hh...hell..p' - that's all I could hear. I felt awful. Our whole existence flashed by my eyes." Bill said.

Martha felt strange. She had a sudden urge to stab Bill, yet she remained frozen. She looked closely at Samantha's car and the paint was scraped off. It revealed the glistening white insides.

'Impending doom.' Her mind whispered.

Bill stood up. He went to look out the window, check if the newspaper was there. All that Martha could think of was what Nancy used to say, 'Dreams don't come true, when you tell someone about it.'

'Or do they?' Her mind whispered.

Her heart sank. She was screaming inside. She felt a gush of blood through throat.

She wanted to throw up. She wanted to disappear. She wanted to run away. She didn't want to exist. She saw it coming, she couldn't look away.

Amidst the screaming silence in the house, The phone rang.

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