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Musings Of A Fantasizer
Musings Of A Fantasizer

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People who can express their thoughts in words are blessed by god. I find it absolutely amazing that a writer can make us imagine the whole scene with help of words. I, for one get transported to that scene of action. 

I don’t know whether it’s me or the prowess of the writer that I get attached to the characters. I laugh and enjoy the jokes they share among themselves, I smile and really feel happy in their happiness and I start caring for them. 

It happened with me when I started reading Harry Potter. I felt sad for the poor boy, who lost his parents and spent 11 years of his life without affection and love. I felt happy and relieved when he found good friends. I felt safe when Dumbledore was around him. In fact I was, I am and I always will be in awe of Professor Dumbledore. I sometimes wonder how great it would be, if there was a person like him in our lives. So when he dies in the 6th part I was shattered, went numb, couldn't believe that he is really gone. All the way, up to the end I hoped for him to come back. 

Then there was the Weasley family, I simply loved each and every person of that family, Especially Fred and George. Then there was Hagrid. Sirius Black held another special corner. I felt helpless and immensely sad for the two people who deserved so much happiness together and couldn't get it, just because of bad circumstances. Then there is Lupin and when he and Tonks died, all I can think was how unfair life really is. That's how always good people have to sacrifice and suffer to make the bad people go away. The seventh book devastated me. While I can’t help admiring the genius of the author, I also couldn’t stop crying when she made the people I loved go away from me. So many people, mad-eyed moody, colin creevy, fred, even Snape and the list goes on……. Every time I read those books, I cry because they have become a part of me, I cannot just pick the book up and enjoy the fun parts because they are family now, so I can’t help wishing for a better life for them, I can’t help wishing at every bad moment that if this would not have happened then there would have been no need for them to suffer.

Similar thing happens when I read any romance series. I fall in love with the whole family, and I crave information for the couple I read about in the previous book. I always wonder how life is for the people who realized and accepted their love for each other. The small tit-bits mentioned make me smile and sigh in contentment. Till now the ‘hometown-heartbreakers’ is the longest series I have read and I love each one of those brothers, their wives and their kids. I always wonder why the authors don’t write a couple of chapters about how each family is doing in the end of the book. It would be such fun to read about the people we have started to care for.

I love to read about the happily ever after. I find it more romantic to think about how people are living their lives after finding their love, because no matter how practical and realistic we pretend to be, everyone wishes for a happy ever after.  

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