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Childhood Memories
Childhood Memories

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We all hope that one day, we can go back to our childhood, free from our stress and worries of adult life. Its not escapism, its for the pure joy of innocence and a world of wonder curiosity and everlasting fun.

Some memories stand out while others are blurred. Some of my strongest memories are travelling in a train during summer holidays to our native place by the erstwhile Madras Express in a first class compartment, having a quick meal at Guntakal railway station and a bath at Arkonam. The smell of Rexona soap was so strong, I can get it even in my memories now. Some of the trains had the luxury of a shower as well so we enjoyed those cool showers in the train when it was running and then would stand at the door, the wind drying us up as it was a hot summer. I remember the trees flying by, the bridges on the rivers with their dried beds below and the characteristic hoot and swish of the coal engine as it sped past stations. The funny part is that it took a whole day to reach Madras fifty years ago and it takes twenty four hours even today. I wonder where the progress is?

Other memories that stand out are going to the Club during holidays to swim in the pool and play table tennis without having breakfast, lunch or dinner until we were dragged back home by our elder sister. Others include going for the Sunday afternoon movie at the local theatre to watch Rajesh Khanna and Jeetendra movies.

The smell of the first rain is also vivid in my memories and I enjoy the thunderstorms before monsoon even now with its sound and light show. These were a few of the memories that I wanted to share with everyone.

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