Secret To Move On

Secret To Move On

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Today I saw her, she looked so happy and I was not having the strength to walk to her & say hi or maybe I never wanted to see her again, but how could she be so happy with someone else? When we were together we used to dream a lot about our future, we grew older in our dreams together, oh! That feeling, it was bliss!!

The whole night I was thinking, whether all that we had, was it even real or not, those laughs, trust, holding hands, hugs. Now also when I think about those things my heart says go back to her, marry her, while my brain guides me about self-respect, but after today I have realized that it’s too late now. Still awake in my bed, I wanted to know the secret, how she moved on so easily. It’s been 3 years since we had breakup but still I was stranded in same place, so I decided one last time I am going to visit her to know how she moved on so easily.

Next morning, I woke up & got ready to meet her without even knowing that whether she wants to see my face again or not, I saw Mom & dad sitting on dining table for the breakfast, waiting for me, I never wanted to eat with them after my breakup because I knew that they will start the same old marriage topic again & that irritated me, so without even telling them where I was going, I just walked out.

Still her number was there in my contact list, I called her, to my surprise she picked the call first time itself, my heart came in my mouth, I was dumbstruck, there was an awkward silence which obviously she broke asking ‘Kuch bologe bhi ya galti se number dial ho gya’(will you say something or by mistake you dialed my number) then I told her about previous day, that I saw her in mall but I was unable to talk that time as I was having some important work, so I wanted to see her, she gave me her address.

I reached there & knocked at the door, she came out with a smile on her face & hugged me, it was awkward, her husband standing at the back came to me, and we shook hands. We sat in the hall & started talking, initially it was tough for me to talk but those guys made me so comfortable & I didn’t even realize when all of us got so frank & friendly but still somewhere in back of my mind I wanted to ask her the secret, I knew that it was my ex home & I should have left from there just after some formal talks but seriously I wanted to stay there & talk, for the first time after 3 long years I felt happy, all three of us discussed old school & the time passed so quickly, it was lunch time, we all sat on the dining table & there it was ‘Mutton Rogan Josh’ & smile came to my face.

I thought that at least she still remembers my favorite dish. As the lunch was over she burped like a hippo, her husband patted her back saying ‘That’s my girl’& both started laughing, my mind instantly went to flashback- once we were eating Pizza in dominos & after completing she burped like hell, I was so embarrassed because of the people around that I scolded her so much & she broke into tears. Now also there was embarrassment in my eye but the reason was different. After a lot of fun it was time to leave but still I had this question in my mind that I desperately wanted to ask her but somehow, I restricted myself. We see off each other & I even invited them for a dinner at my place on my birthday which I did not celebrate in last 3 years.

I didn’t get the answer to my question but while going back I promised me that I will try to change myself, when I reached home, I helped mom in the kitchen & all three of us ate together. The look on their faces was oddly satisfying, also they did not talk about their favorite topic instead I only told them Mom you can register my profile on matrimony site, she cried & hugged me.

That day I didn’t get the answer but it was right in front of my eyes, 4 years from then & today I realized that moving ahead is to find satisfaction & happiness, in the happiness of those who loves you & one more thing…

Today I saw her, she looked so happy & ………. she was my little baby girl

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