Met You In The Club

Met You In The Club

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I always noticed you as you were a diva, but I still remember from where this started from, that Saturday evening midnight party.

 I saw you in the club and felt something very different for the first time. I thought to approach you, but then my mind wandered, “Wouldn’t it sound a bit awkward?'' But then too I asked you to be my dance partner. In that enormously crazy crowd, I couldn’t just feel you and me with no one around. I felt lucky to be with a beautiful lady like you. A feeling of a breeze, a feeling of joy, and a sense of thrill going through my mind. While dancing I could smell the fragrance of your body. It gave me a thrilling way to discover you, and am... (Should say it or not, but you!!...) I imagined you as my better half. I started feeling safe with you as I forgot all my worries and could share anything with my better half. 

The step in which you came closer to me, which just lasted for a moment, but, trust me if I had the power I would never let that moment fade. The feeling which I had was simply awesome. I never felt this good with anyone else before. I wanted that moment to pause for my entire life. And, that was a moment, a chance, my only desire at that very time was to ask you, “May I drop you at your place?''

Suddenly, a loud horn broke and I found myself dreaming about you. The saddest part is my eyes searched for you but you had already left for your destination that was really upsetting. That beautiful moment faded. I controlled myself, prepared myself to get back to the present and left for my destination. ''Kiya'' that was the name which you told me when we first met. All my search engines had only one search history and that was your name (Kiya). I searched you on all social networking sites. But, I did not know your full name. I was left with your incomplete name. But I did not lose hope. At that moment. I checked my friend’s Facebook account whose name is Zayn. I thought he must be knowing about you as he frequently attended club FortMax where we went at night before. I texted him, ''Hey bro! Catch you @ 8 in the morning.'' “Ok'' he texted back. The next morning I told him about Kiya and guess what? Hopefully he knew pretty well details about her,’Kiya Sharma’ were her name. These two words which were just a normal name for other meant the world to me. As soon as possible I reached home. I checked her Facebook account to become her friend. But then everything stopped for a minute as I read her status 'In a relationship with'. I could barely stand my feet I checked the photos in her album and found captions like, ''with my bae'' ''love of my life'' ''soul mate'', and so on. And, when I saw her went to, It suddenly stroke my mind that Omg!! This is the same college which I went to St. Thomas Junior College, Delhi.

            (Six months later)

              I got assignments and became busy with that stuff. But, there was not a single moment I could not think about you. One day I finally got a call from St. Thomas Junior College, Delhi. I came to know they have planned a re-union for 2011 batch students. I wanted to forget you but I could not. I decided not to attend re-union. But my heart wanted to be with you for every second possible. As I got calls from my friends, they forced me to join the re-unoin,''chal na yaar, sare dost hoge, ladkiya bhi hogi'' they said so. But I was only thinking about you. Finally I decided to join them for re-union.

              Finally the day came, everyone dressed well. My eyes struck cool gentleman with damn hot personality. A heavy beard and a Rolex watch. A tie-less suit suits him. That was Zyan one of my closest friend. '' Arey waah kya cool dude ban gya haan.'' He was the same his mawali language was just like before. I hugged him very tight as we met after many time, actually we both were the same. We chatted for very long time and met our other ex-classmates too. ''Kiya se koi contact hai kya?'' Zayn asked. I narrated each and every thing which I went through. And in the mean time I saw a beautiful girl right in front of me. She looked adorable in black back-less one piece, her long hairs front sided, almost reached her abdomen, her charming style was no different from her previous look. I was frozen for a moment or so. A chilling feeling frozen my body all over. My eye ball stopped moving, I was not even blinking my eye. Damn, she was beautiful, she was adorable, and she was a stunner...

She was none other than Kiya. I thought for a pulse to go straight talk to her. I had many things in mind which I wanted to share through words. But, the second side of my mind started telling me not to utter a word. I was in a state of mind where I did not know what to speak, what to express.

But to my luck, by the blessing of god. She came up and said, ''Hey''. I continued, ‘Hello, Kiya Sharma right?' She said yes with a smiling face and a shy look. As I was continuing my conversation with Kiya. Her boyfriend Aadil greeted me and hugged me. I was surprised to see Aadil dating a beautiful girl like Kiya. In college days Aadil was my just friend, he never took his life or relations seriously. In short, he was the playboy of the college. But as he was dating my crush, he was my so-called enemy (with smiling face). But now, I think he changed a lot, his looks, his behavior, his attitude and bla bla...

The same site which I and kiya once shared in this club. Kiya and his boyfriend Aadil were shaking a leg on a romantic number which I thought did not suit them at all. Damn, she dances so well just the way before. I could do nothing but just stand like an idiot and give a hell idiotic smile which really did not came from my heart. Zyan was frequently noticing all this. He got an idea about what was going on in my mind, how was I feeling.

Days passed and so the situations. But, what remained the same was the feeling of love, care and loyalty which I felt about kiya. It was a Sunday morning when I was lying on the bed and my phone's display light started flashing. Once I ignored it, twice I ignored but as soon as I got the third text I took my phone and unlocked it and opened my hike notifications, where I saw my three close friend's post for a birthday wishing and soon I discovered its kiya's birthday. Shit its kiya's birthday! Freak! I just forgot that. How can I be so stupid? How can I forget such an important thing? I initially wanted to be the first to wish her. I calmed myself down and thought to text her and wish her. Naah... not to text her right now. Going to pay her a great surprise. (This was the thought running in my mind. which sounded really great).

I got up from my favorite rest place. Took a bath, got ready for my gym time. I was still thinking about kiya,s birthday surprise. As kiya and me are good friends now (Just hey bye and sweet smile owner). I thought she must be expecting my birthday greetings but somewhere in corner of my heart i thought she doesn't care. In the gym I was just looking at my hot biceps, strong muscles and smiling like a girl looking at a body builder cool guy. Time up for gym, I was going home on bike as I saw my best competitor Aadil. He was at gift shop with a girl, I went to aadil in a doubtful way to know who the girl was. The girl was standing with her back facing me. So I couldn't see her face. ''Hi, what are you doing here?'' Aadil asked. I said, ‘I was just passing by as I saw you I came up to you. So how are you doing? Ohh ha your babe’s birthday getting ready to surprise her haa.'' He tried to ignore my statement but the girl next to her replied,'' No will you give us some time alone please.'' I said 'Sorry; and excused them and came out of the gift shop.

                 I was still wondering what to gift her. How to surprise her. How to make her happy. But another thing which was continuously poking my mind was what the he'll was the girl doing with aadil, and if he was not taking something home for kiya from that gift shop then what was he doing there? I kept these thoughts away from my mind and got back to kiya's surprise.

               Now, the first thing that I have to do was text her. And I did so. I texted her,'' Please can I have you for an hour in the evening. I am really frustrated and don't know what to do. Please I badly need you.'' I was shocked to listen her reply which was a quick reply indeed,'' Am frustrated too and couldn't make it today some other day.'' ''Why can't we meet today?'' I asked her but she didn't reply. I thought something is wrong so I told her, I don't want to listen to a word andIi want you in the evening that's it. She said ''No'' again. I said ''Please for me, just once.'' And that OK which she replied was the first hope towards the surprise. The feeling of success was going on in my mind.

               I told her to get ready by 7 in the evening. And she was punctual as always. This was the thing I really liked about her. She looked damn hot in those denim shorts with blue loose T-shirt. Her hairs were highly tied on the top of her head and her flicks were such a mesmerizing part which I couldn't take my eyes off from. Her sweet big eyes were looking perfect as she applied mascara. Red colour on her lips suits the best. She was simply the best as she doesn’t apply much make-up. At a point I stopped myself and said, ‘Wow... beautiful angel arrived on earth! She smiled with a side curve. She was little upset; I think may be because of Aadil. But today i wanted her to smile for every second. I wanted to make her happy and joyful and make her 21st birthday the memorable day. Many girls are excited to make her 21st birthday special with grand celebration.

                ''Beautiful place, thank you so much for arranging all this for me.'' I said,’ No No, Don't thank me, thank you for coming and making my mood better.''

                  The place was very glamorous. It had four pillars which were all decorated with red roses. The upper part was covered with white and pink flowers. In the middle of the pandol there was a big heart completely made with red roses and there were a couple tables which were made up of glass. The fragrance of the flower completed the scene.

Everything was just perfect. But yet something seemed missing and that was kiya's real smile. A smile which makes me feel like i am at top of the world. Soon we were up with the dinner. It was all the favorite dishes of kiya. She was the Princess of the day. In between, she checked her phone now and then. Powered it Off and On and vice versa. I asked her with care,' Kiya is everything all right? You ok?' and all the time she would answer the same, 'Hmm...Yeah.' I too hoped everything to be okay.

                 Finally, after the dinner there was a final surprise. I got her favorite choco-chrisp cake and her beautiful painting which I always wished to gift her. A T-shirt which note '' Miss Perfectionist'' 

                 She was so surprised to see this all. She started sobbing, maybe she had a mixed feeling at that very moment. May be she was expecting it from Aadil. But as always unexpected is always to be accepted. I let her cry for few minutes. Hugged her with utmost care and affection as much as possible. I did not utter a word. She did not speak too, but I knew something was really hurting, something that was killing her from inside. I lifted her face kissed her forehead and said, ' Kiya please tell me what is wrong? I know something is killing you. Finally she broke down,'Kabir, still that guy hasn’t wished me, and moreover he did not even talk properly with me from past few days. When I suggested him to go out some place he said, ‘can’t you understand I am busy, I said you will see you if possible.' That hurts kabir, that really does'. She told me each and everything whatever that dumber Aadil did to her. All the pain, all the worries and that all just lasted for an eternity. She continued to speak and I listened each and everything very curiously.

Further I got a text from Zayn; 'Bro your girl is in wrong hands.' I was taken aback after those 2 words '' Your girl '' I just went throughout what happened and I came to know maybe it’s because zayn is my buddy and he knew it by my reactions but exactly where did he see me? I excused myself from kiya and texted him back, ‘My Girl?' He replied quickly,' Your Girl, Yeah Kiya I know everything from the day of re-union.' I asked him why exactly he is telling like this. He told me that he saw Aadil with a girl name Naira who was Zayn's Facebook friend. He inquired with few and came to know he is dating her. I was in shock; all this was happening was confusing me more and more.

As a conclusion I came to know that Aadil was dating Naira, the girl at the gift shop. He was cheating kiya he was taking advantage of kiya's innocence and that was the reason why he behaved in that manner with kiya. I thought to read entire conversation to kiya to make her understand what exactly was going on, but then thought she is already disturbed and not to disturb her more. So, at that moment firstly I consoled her and told her in a kidding manner, 'Tu thehri apni diva of the college and woh sala chaprasi. Do one thing smash his face and just leave him. For now just do this and then let’s see what's next. Kiya you are a pretty angle and he is not the one you should leave with and you have realized it too.' Kiya said, 'Exactly that's what I am going to do. I am really going to break it hard and will make sure he wouldn't be able to generate his next generation.' ''Hahaha'' we both kept laughing ‘Haah feels much better', she said. We went for a long drive and then I dropped her at her place and finally a Goodbye hug. A very tight hug. This was her way to thank me for what I did. The happiest at that moment was a breathtaking feeling. But, the troubles were yet to come.

Next day, I woke-up and texted her '' Good morning beauty, Have a nice day ahead'' She replied back in few minutes '' GM u too'' she always preferred short-hands. 'What’s your plan for today?' I asked. She replied. 'Nothing much, work till 6 and then back to home.' 'Dinner tonight?'' I asked again. She said, 'Umm... Okay 8 p.m. my place. My friends aren't home tonight.'

                 I messaged her at 7 in the evening '' Plan on?'' She continued ''Yeah hopefully.'' I was going through what to wear as today was the day when I would confess to kiya about what I felt about her from the day I saw her and yet today I felt the same. But, suddenly a second thought struck my mind very hard and that was bastard Aadil. But that wasn't going to stop me anyway. I took out one of my favorite pair of clothes which was Blue Polo T-shirt and denim blue jeans. Naah... not this one. I took out my denim shirt, wore it and again took it off. I was feeling girlish now. As one by one i was rejecting all my top pairs. Finally, I came up with a black long sleeves T-shirt, denim blue jeans, shoes and watch. Perfect! I thought chillingly. I looked into the mirror. A bed full of t-shirts, pants and clothes littering everywhere. It really was a mess. I didn’t like mess anyway. I took that all, into my cupboard and now all set for dinner. I looked into my watch it was already 7:30 p.m. damn! It took me half an hour just to take off my casual clothes and get into fresh ones. That was astonishing for the very first time. I took out my phone from charging, kept it into my pocket and ran downstairs opened the door, oh freak! There comes zayn,' Hey surprised!' 'Hey you here, why? i mean welcome bro surprise eh?' I was completely trapped. Someone said it '' When you are facing any problem, few more are ready to knock your door'' Zayn here was not a problem for me but the thing was, I was already late for dinner with my lady and arrival of zayn at this very moment was freaking me out.

                     I welcomed zayn in and talked casually. Zayn noticed my panicky and insisted me to tell if something was bothering me. I narrated my situation and fortunately he was a very understanding person. He told me to leave and said will visit me again some other day. 10 minutes have passed. It was 7.40 striking in my watch. I took the keys of my car and zayn too departed. I rushed towards kiya's house. 7.50 And still i had half the way to pass. I accelerated my car as much as I could as I did not want to get late for my first dinner with kiya. ''Ding-dong'' I rang the bell breathing very fast, she opened the door with a huge smile on her face 'On time ha' (she said still with a smiling face) We hugged each other. 'Ugh... 2 minutes late.' '2 minutes, that’s not an issue' she said with a childish face. The aroma coming from her kitchen spreaded all around. ‘Nice place', i said noticing her house all around. 'Thanks', she said looking at me. We chatted a lot sitting in her balcony having a cup of coffee. A chilling feeling was going on throughs in our mind. A breezing air was around us. Love was in the air. She was in her casual top and shorts yet she looked perfect. I n my right hand and her left was a cup of coffee and mine left hand crossed with her right one, both hand in hand. Her head on my left shoulder and my head on hers. This made me feel desirable, go around and scream, yes Kiya Sharma, I love you.

At a point I thought this is the time to express my feeling. 'Kiya', I said. She rose her head, looked at me and said,' Well before you say something let me tell you something' 'Sure', I said with a disappointing heart and a fear in my mind of losing her. I did not want her to say anything which might make us apart. Nor did I want to talk about Aadil at that moment. Still, I let her speak, she continued '' Kabir I don't know whether I should say it or not but you supported me a lot yesterday, when it should be Aadil to do so. You handle me very well, you understand me a lot more than anyone else. You made me understand who the right person is. ugh... so all I need to you is you have always been on my side  as a very good friend no matter what the situation is but,...' Sound of door-bell disturbed us.

 Kiya opened the door and it was naira crying a lot. 'Excuse me, I did not get you?' kiya said. 'Kiya right, I know you don't know me who I am? Why have I come to you? But I am naira.' I was sitting in balcony and got up very fast and reached the main door as I heard the name Naira. Kiya did not understand what naira was trying to say, but i got some idea as if why is she here.

I suggested kiya to let naira come inside. Kiya managed to console naira very well. Naira said she and Aadil were dating each other from a year and a half. This took kiya aback, this was the thing i wanted to tell her but I did not wanted to spoil her birthday. Kiya broke into tears. I took her in my arms. Naira continued, ' Yesterday at night he broke-up with me. He cheated me and so is cheating you kiya, he is not the right person for you, and he is not the right person for any girl. He doesn't deserve you. You deserve someone far better.'

                    Now all we did is took our dinner. Throughout the dinner, I was just going through what kiya wanted to tell me. That disturbed me a lot.

 I took my phone out and called zayn, narrated him whatever had happened. He understood well. He told me to tell naira to call him and talk to him keeping her recording and speaker on.

We did the same naira called thrice but, he did not receive. He received the forth call. 'Hello, don't you understand. Everything is over between us each and everything.' he said. Naira said interrupting,' you hooligan this is not that easy. You need to pay a huge amount. I will tell everything to kiya whatever you did to me and to her too.' ‘Oh am scared, please don't do that', he said. ‘You think you sound so funny eh. But, listen one thing it’s not as funny as you think.' 'Kiya? She is just a toy whom with i play.' He went on speaking and yelling and we kept on recording. Kiya continued to sob. I let her cry for few minutes and then explained her not to cry or to feel low. If someone should cry then that’s Aadil, he is the one who should cry and not you.

I told zayn whatever had happened. He told me, ' Let me think on this topic, will call you back in 10 minutes.' I disconnected the call and told kiya and naira to calm them up and not to think about that bastard who is not meant for anyone's love. Now, we had a strong proof by which we can mend him up. Naira was restless her eyes showed that she was highly feeling sleepy. Kiya too noticed that it was 11 p.m. but kiya was fresh, I was fresh too. Kiya told naira to rest in her bedroom. While, she rested in bedroom I and kiya sat on sofa for a while. She got a call from her Room-mate khushi. She said she and her another room-mate priyanka had a night shift. As they were working in a call center, which usually had night shifts. Tonight destiny was by my side actually by our side. Kiya told me her friends are not coming tonight. 'Coffee?' she asked. I am a coffee lover so i never deny coffee treats. ‘Sure, would love to.' I said.

We could see silent city with a stress free life. It was 1 a.m. and that means everyone around was in a deep sleep and thou was naira. We could see the lights of the city. When I eagerly asked kiya to continue what she was saying before. She wanted to say it too. ‘Oh ya' she said. She kept her coffee aside took my left arm locked it with her arm (my coffee still in my right hand). She rested her head on my left shoulder. Finally she spoke,' Kabir, you know what? I don't know what I was in a relationship actualy not a relationship a Fake relationship indeed. At times I got really annoyed by Aadil's behavior but still hoping a change. Because, I loved him for no reason but now I think o have corrected my mistake. Kabir are you listening to me?' 'Hmm' I said. I knew kiya never comes straight on point. She created a lot of suspense. She further went with, 'So, kabir all I want to say is that i really really like you. And this I like you was one in a million words which I always wanted to listen from her mouth. 'Pardon please!' 'Kabiiirrrr, I like you, any problem? 'No sweetheart, if don't have any problem in fact am glad after so much of suspense you finally admitted it. I can’t tell you how eagerly I waited for this day I mean night (a wink) but...' ‘But? But what?' ‘But it's that I... I just... I Love you sweetheart' I said it yeah I did. She couldn't keep herself away from blushing. Her cute cheeks went on smiling. I was feeling myself at top of the world. That night 7th of October is really a memorable one for me. I hugged kiya as tight as possible. 'Kabir, dum ghutra mera', she said in a kidding way. We hugged each other for so long and kissed her forehead. I care for her and thou did her. We talked whole night. We couldn't sleep or even did not want to blink an eye. I did not see kiya happier before. 

                    Next day, we took breakfast naira left the place. Not before khushi and priyanka arrived. Actually kiya did not let her go before her room-mates arrived. We discussed the whole thing with khushi and priyanka as kiya did not hide anything from these two. 'I have an idea', said Piya (Nick name of priyanka) why don’t we keep this recording on social media. The world will know what actually Aadil Naik is. We will mute when these comes to naira and kiya. ‘Sounds cool thats an great idea' said khushi. Kiya objected,' Do you really think this is going to work, what if Aadil says this is not my voice.' Than we can call him right now and take a confession about whatever she is saying is all said by him. We could further make an MMS on recording and screenshots, Khushi suggested. 'And finally his real side will be revealed to the world.' piya included.

                     'Cool so let’s do it now' I said.

                 We did the same. We took a confession and posted it online by a fake id and tagged Aadil Naik and as much as people we could. Within the moments and few the fake side of Aadil Naik was replaced by the real ones. He did not know what he should do. He did not know someone else could turn the table better and smarter the him. Everyone started hitting like button, within hour likes were 2k+ and comments too 1k+. Everyone yelled at him and even shared the post. Aadil was in a great trauma, he was pissed off had no idea about what should he do. The involvement of Zayn, Khushi, Priyanka and Naira got us to make this settle so well. In presence of everyone Kiya made an official announcement admitting, ' Mr Kabir Arora, I have found my better half that has always supported me and been there for me from the starting itself. He cares for me, made me laugh; made me happiest at times and never let me cry. He is my mood-swinger. He is my first blossom of the morning. Yes have finally fallen for you i can face the world with one had only if another is busy holding yours. I am ready so are you?'




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