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Shun Self Medications
Shun Self Medications

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Death I wrote




"Give him the yellow pills and these two paracetamols, one in the morning and two in the night" said the woman dressed in a white knitted gown that ran below her knees, she was wearing white socks and white shoes. The faint imagery her appearance had startled and unsettled me, I felt like scowling some words at her but the excruciating pain took it away from me. Could this be heaven? Was she an angel? I tried to catch a glimpse but the Rheum had formed some thick eye boogers that nearly blinded me. I instead laid half dead on the ruffled mat spread on our concrete floor

"Thank you mummy, God will be with you too, thank you Ma" said my mother as she took the pills from the all white woman.

She looked pale and tired. Her once glowing skin was growing prickly yet she always mustered courage to care for her only fingerling. She traipsed toward me, unwrapped her wrapper and spread it on the floor, she groaned in pain as she sat beside me to administer the drugs.

"Cyprian my child please take this uhm once you take this you will get better within today and tomorrow."

Her weary voice could not be hidden in her courageous words I know she was trying to take me out of dark and drab but I'm the man between the hammer and the anvil, I have no choice, other than to oblige because I fear death. I downed the yellow drug and the paracetamol down my dried throat and waited for the wonder of the drug to take its effect. My mother stared at me all long and couldn't hold back her tears

"Good one my son you will be okay soon" she said in tears that started early like a drip and ended in erosion that flooded all over her face I couldn't see much of her tears but I've seen enough that flows through my heart to haunt me for being the "pain bearer". She stood, dusted her wrapper, and headed out. I gathered some strength to pick up my pen and write this memoir. My mother never came back and two days later I started feeling nauseous and uneasy. If you've read this to this path it means I've parted way from this world. If my mother ever comes back tell her the yellow drug had expired three years earlier and the paracetamol two years ago. My name is Cyrprian Cyril Ekwesi and my mother name is Rebecca Ekwesi".

Before using that drugs take a look before taking that prescribe medication from he that live behind your house take a view and review

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