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The Pizza Man
The Pizza Man

© Mayuri Zadeshwaria Talia


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It was 11.30 p.m We were strolling aimlessly on the streets of the city, thanks to the late night hunger pangs of my husband. He was hungry for 'pizza', his all-time, anytime favourite meal. The late hours meant closure of most of the popular pizza cafes and restaurants. And suddenly his 'pizza hungry mind' had an idea. Racing up the car with double speed, he stopped at Ratri Baazar. Set up by SMC, the 'night food bazaar' starts by 6 pm and stays open till 3 am in Surat. So finally we found our place of survival.

This place is unique - in terms of the variety of food options and its time flexibility. No wonder, all Surti people had flocked here at midnight to binge on their favourite food. Many were families, some were with children, others with their gang of friends.

We were very sure we wanted to have pizza. So went walked right up to a corner lined with 2-3 pizza serving shops. Like very individual's tendency, we also first approached a pizza joint which was quite popular, though we hadn't personally tasted it as yet. We had heard exceptional reviews about this 'popular pizza joint'. With a hope of finally satisfying our throbbing hunger, we went up to the joint. The main owner was sitting there coolly, checking his bills. Our approach unfazed him. He just handed us his menu, which my husband started browsing frantically. Normally, I never place an order when we go out to eat. And today was no exception. But I am prone to exploring the unknown. So after 10 mins, I tugged at my husband and told him, a heavenly cheesy smell is coming from the pizza joint next to this one. So the owner of the popular pizza joint immediately nodded at me, saying 'No madam, don't go to the next shop. Their pizzas are dry and tasteless. Don't waste your time there. He has no customers also', the owner laughed cunningly.

Upon hearing this, immediately my husband put down the menu card. He took my hand and led me to the next 'not so popular pizza joint'. There were hardly any customers, but as soon as the owner saw us, he greeted us with a smile. He gave us the menu. Soon he started conversing with us. He had recently opened the joint, and was working hard for his business. We couldn't believe our ears when he told us, 'Sir, madam, we are new here. You can try our pizzas, we have changed some ingredients. Of course, the previous joint has more varieties and serves delicious pizzas. But I would be happy if you could at least taste our pizza and give me your feedback.' He was not pleading, but just requesting.

We both were shocked at the contrasting ways of doing business. One man of the popular pizza parlour was initially least bothered seeing us, and then later talked bad about the next pizza owner. And look at the humility of the owner of the not so popular joint who said only positive things and impressed us with his effervescent manners. What a difference - one doing negative marketing, though being popular. And one doing positive marketing. And those positive words made all the impact on us. Both of us realized that day the power of positive words and actions. That day we both decided to focus on all the good things in life, to send vibes of positive energy into the world.

I don't need to tell you whose pizza's we finally ate. And to our utter surprise, after we ordered from the not so popular joint, many customers flocked to his shop to try his pizza. After all, positive actions always pays off!

"When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine." - anonymous

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