We See World As We Are

We See World As We Are

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Yesterday I was thinking that we see world as we are. If we see bad with our eyes then we think this world is bad. If we see some good things with our eyes then we think this world is good and beautiful. But we doesn't notice that its our behavior which is good or bad. God already made this world beautiful but sometimes we ignore this beauty and we started see only bad things.

Before one month "I was going to buy something" and I was sitting in rickshaw, suddenly rickshaw driver turn rickshaw. I was shocked. A lady came in front of rickshaw. She has many wounds on her face. She was not able to get into the rickshaw, I helped her. She asked me why you helped me, I told her that you are like my mother. When her home came, she gave me lots of blessings, she told me if everyone will like you this world will make heaven.

Help people if they cant help you back.

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