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Not Awful, Just Flawed
Not Awful, Just Flawed

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I feel disgusted being a part of such an awful mother. With a beautiful baby in her arms, she admires a glass of wine secretly wishing she could drink it. Hardly any day passes by when she doesn’t long for her freedom before the baby or desires for 8 hour sleep without any disturbance.

Isn’t motherhood all about sacrifices and putting your kid’s needs ahead of yours? She portrays herself as a good mother in front of everyone but no emotion of her passes unnoticed by me. There have been a couple of times when she looked at her baby as if she is looking at some nightmare. She had a big fight with her husband and with tearful eyes she had looked at her baby as the biggest mistake of her life. Then, the fight was over and three of them were cuddling again.

I can’t believe how parents love their own kids as per their convenience. I hardly think they deserve to be parents. If God doesn’t plan to punish her anytime soon I will do my tiny bit in punishing her. Therefore, I decide to sacrifice myself even though it will only irritate her for a few seconds. I leave her eyelid, jump in the eye and stick there with all my might. She is rubbing her eyes but I won’t let go easily. After a couple of minutes, she is successful in getting me out of her eye. Now, I know what she will do. Since fifth grade, she hasn’t let go off any eyelash without making a wish on it. I don’t know who started this stupid myth, that we eyelashes fulfill wishes. She looks at me for a fraction of second, closes her eyes and blows me off with a wish, “May my baby get all the happiness in this world.”

I am shocked! There are number of things she dreams of everyday and could have wished for, a more understanding husband, better looks, some vacation anything. But, the first wish that came from her heart was for her baby. She isn’t that awful mother after all. She is just not perfect like every human being. Being an eyelash, I have no capability to fulfill any wish but this was an honest wish of a flawed but loving mother and I want to fulfill it.

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