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On His Farewell
On His Farewell

© Ashwini Kabade


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He looked at his reflection in mirror. He was looking exactly same as he was looking at that day, his crisp uniform was shining with all medals, reminder of his glorious journey. Then he had to check on the girls.

Noori was getting ready the way her son would have liked, she wore his favourite cotton saree and braided her hair and wore the pearl necklace which he had gifted. Sofie only had one dress to wear for that day, that her husband would have approved, so she wore the same, no exceptions accepted.

Three of them were ready for the special day in their life. They kept their manner exactly the same as he had asked. All the servants were maintaining a meaningful silence. Everything was exactly same as that day except the addition of a special guest who was accompanying them. And finally they left for the ceremony.

Live reporting from Lucknow.

Major Ayaan Khan fought bravely defending the villagers on the border area of Punjab in the surprise attack from Pakistani army. ........ ....

They reached at the ceremony ...

The reporters were broadcasting the details about Ayaan’s bravery. His whole platoon was there, to honour his bravery. The sound of army band playing was a music for their ears. Their chests heaved with pride.

The four of them were there... Brigadier Sameer Khan dressed in his full glory, his wife and Ayaan’s proud mother Noorie . Ayaan’s wife Cap. Sofie Khan dressed in her Indian Army uniform, full with pride and respect for her husband! and finally his invaluable gift to all of them, his 5 days old daughter Alia...

Dear Dad, Mom and my darling Sofie. I am writing you a letter, yess a letter! I was always a bit old fashioned so here we go...

I know you all love me and you all are very proud of me. I am lucky to have a family like us. But I want to tell you that I will be the luckiest on the day when you will get this letter. Because I couldn’t be prouder of myself as I will be getting the Tricolor wrapped around my body and my soul in my final journey.

I don’t want a tearful farewell. I want you guys to be happy and proud same as the day when I took the oath to serve this nation. So consider this as my last wish or consider this as an order from Major Ayaan Khan, but please be the same people as you were on that day. So? See you at the ceremony.

My final goodbye...

Yours Ayaan.

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