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The Power Of Money
The Power Of Money

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Before the invention of money as the medium of exchange, the system was barter

exchange.This system followed a procedure wherein one had to give something in

exchange of something else.Like for example: Giving Rice in exchange of some crops,

furniture in exchange of utensils, maybe a thank you for kindness or a smile for another


This was practised until the invention of Money, a medium of economic transaction

worldwide. To simplify, it's basically a piece of paper (which ironically has not yet seen a

Dustbin!) with a certain amount and pictures printed on it with signs and authorizations

from the government and a unique silver seal on it. However, speaking of its current

status, it's nothing less than a key to own the world today.

Money in today's world is more than just a medium of economic transaction or a medium

of buying and selling. Everything starts from money and ends on it. From education to

culture, from history to future, everything rounds up to money. It has become the core of

everything, be it materialistic entities or human emotions. Earlier it was "A man is known

by the company he keeps" but today, it is "A man is known by the amount of money he


The symbol of power in modern society - money makes everything click and how! It

remains the single source of almost all temptations and motivations ever known to man.

Money owns everything. It can buy anything, right from education to emotion to relation.

Nothing seems impossible if you have money.

Money has gained a reputation which is higher than God himself, a value which is higher

than human emotions, a bond which is more than blood relations. As a famous song

proclaims, " Na Baap Bada Na Bhaiya, Sabse Bada Rupaiya", the world is running on the

"Wheels of Money".

Man is ready to do anything for money. He is slowly but steadily turning into a sort of

predator, thirsty, not for blood and flesh, but for money, more and more of it. Money is

said to be root cause of all evil but ultimately at the end of the day the fact is all of us

need it. The thing invented by man is now worth more than man himself.

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