Lesson Of Life

Lesson Of Life

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You learn a lesson everyday in life, I'm going to share one from my life.

One day while going to the office I saw a man selling some stuff of daily life, he was very happy in selling that stuff although every one at station was waiting for train, cursing the railway for delay. The man was very happy, I went to that man asked him, why was he so happy? Before giving the answer for the same, he asked me, why was I asking this to him, I told him that I was standing there for last half an hour and almost everyone earns handsome salary and they are all cursing the railway for the delay and you hardly earn Rs. 300 a day that is almost 9000 a month, then too you look so happy.

He smiled and said I live in present and not in future, whatever I earn I spend for my family though I save a bit but I don't compromise with my family needs, you all earn a handsome salary but you all live in future by saving the salary and because of that you all are worried and that's what the little seller told me to live in present and not in future.

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