Destiny Has Its Own Way!!!

Destiny Has Its Own Way!!!

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It was 17 Nov 1992. The place was Army Quarters, Golcunda, Hyderabad. It was around 11.30 pm. It was a dark night, raining heavily outside along with thundering and lightning. A lady, nine months pregnant, along with her two kids (both boys,one 8 years old & another 2 years old) was waiting for her "fauji" husband (He was serving to return home. Suddenly, she felt some pain & it was growing gradually. Oh! she was in labour. All of this resembles a filmy scene, isn't it!!!

After being in pain for a long time, she gathered all her courage & called her neighbour 'Gita'. Gita's husband called an ambulance from the Army Polyclinic. Finally the lady boarded the ambulance at around 1 am, 18 Nov 1992 and left for the hospital.The journey to the hospital was not easy. The pain of the journey brought her the glimpse of the last nine months. She recalled the moment when she came to know about her third pregnancy. She wanted a girl as it was her elder son's 'farmaish'. Except the two, everybody wanted the baby to be aborted. They assumed that a girl child would be born. Five sisters-in-law, two mothers-in-law and many other evil wishers were hovering around her.

She was given many pills to abort the baby. All along the way, while she was going through all this, she reached the hospital. Her husband was waiting for her, there. She was taken inside the labour room.

Finally the baby was born....actually "Stillborn". It was a baby girl. She was not breathing. When the doctors started looking for oxygen cylinders they found each one empty. Her father, who was watching all this helplessly, dragged one of the cylinders to the side of his baby, all by himself. This one worked, surprisingly. After putting the baby in an incubator for two hours, the doctors could finally confirm..."Yes she is alive".

Yes I am alive today. Yes, destiny has its own way!!!

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