Help For Empathy

Help For Empathy

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Formerly there was a wild water park in a city and attractions of the park included greenery, entertainments etc. Within the park there was a huge water pond where many aquatic animals like tortoises and various types of fish used to subsist. Many people used to visit the park and enjoy the attractions there. 

Near the water pond, there was a board stating, “Throwing pebbles into water and troubling fishes is restricted here”. The fishes in the pond faced the problem of shortage of food every day as the possessor of the park didn’t look after the fishes and other aquatic animals in the pond properly. He provided a very little amount of food every day. 

In the pond, among all the aquatic animals, there was a fish named Casper which had two best friends named Fluffy and Fred. Every day they used to play with each other and share food among themselves. Like that, every aquatic animal used to enjoy with their friends. 

There was a tortoise named Clancy, which had no allies and used to feel lonely. Every day he would be searching for a buddy to enjoy and play with. Finally, he perceived the friendly nature of Casper and wished to get together with them. He went near them and spoke up quickly. 

“Hi. My name is Clancy and it’s really very nice to meet you,” he said, reassuringly. “Every day I observe your friendly nature and want to link up with you. Will you accept me as a friend?” 

“Oh, sure. I’m very much honored in having friendship with you. This is incredibly exciting,” said Casper, “My name is Casper and these are my two best buddies named Fluffy and Fred. It’s very delightful to unite with you too. Cheers guys.” 

From that day, Clancy started enjoying with Casper along with his two friends, Fluffy and Fred. Every day they used to play with each other and share food among themselves. 

Though there was a problem of a food shortage, the tortoise used to eat only after something was found left after his friends had consumed to their full. But, his friends were unable to understand the selfless nature of Clancy. 

Just near the park there used to be three people who always behaved in an impolite manner. They were habituated in behaving against rules. They did wrong things, notoriously, and run off before getting captured. 

Once they visited the park and went near the water pond. On perceiving the rule that, “Throwing pebbles into water and troubling fishes is restricted here.” They picked some pebbles and started shooting them with a great speed into the pond. They were enjoying troubling the fish. 

All the tortoises, including Clancy, protected themselves by concealing in their shells quickly but the fishes were not able to know that why tortoises were hiding in their shells. All the fishes started moving here and there inside the water to escape. Suddenly, one of the pebbles hit Casper’s friend Fluffy. 

The security guard, finally, observed that and shouted in anger, “Freeze that!” 

But before the security guard could arrive there, they departed away. He didn’t notice the three people and finally forgot about them. After sometime, the tortoises came out of their shells. 

This process carried on every day and all the aquatic animals, except tortoises, got wounded. The food they consumed everyday was also not sufficient for them. The people who visited the park also not offered food to them. They waited for a man who would retrieve them from all their problems. 

There was a boy named John who was very good at studies and also a keen lover of books. He loves his father Samuel so much, who always gave motivational lectures. Every month he would yield him more pocket money for his love and fondness towards him. 

John was a man of helping nature and could not bear to see any living being in a critical circumstance. He used to water plants, contribute money and food to poor and fed biscuits to street dogs. He used to spend most of his pocket money for this purpose. The glow on the living beings’ faces is enough to cheer him up. 

Every day after reaching home, he used to spend most of his time with his friends. He used to play cricket and other games with them. 

One day his friend named Roger invited him to the wild water park which was precisely opposite to his house. He got there and relished the beautiful greenery and entertainments. He went near the water pond and was delighted to observe the aquatic animals. Meanwhile the food feeder appeared there and offered very small amount of intellectual nourishment for them. John felt sad for the aquatic animals as they were not happy. 

On the very next day, he purchased one costly and tasty fish food with his pocket money. He visited the park along with his friends and went near the water pond. 

“Hi. All my new friends,” he said with a smooth voice. 

After that, he dropped the whole fish food into the water. All the aquatic animals formed a group and in no time ate the whole food to their full. They savored the taste of the food too. By noticing that, John understood how they starved all these days. 

After that all the aquatic animals came on to the surface of the water with glowing faces. John was overjoyed by receiving emotions and witnessing happiness from them. At the same time, the food feeder dropped the food and doubted that none of them were eating the food. But Clancy came there and consumed the whole food as it was gratified that his friends had eaten to their full. 

When he observed the wounds among the aquatic beasts, he spoke up. 

“How did you get these lesions? Who did it and why? Tell me about it. I will take care of that.” he pronounced with an assured voice. 

All the aquatic animals trusted him by hearing his confident voice. They thought that he was the right man who would help them recover from all their problems. They narrated their past events about the three people who used to throw, notoriously, pebbles at them. They also said about the shortage of food they encountered every day. 

“Oh! Very vicious people! Don’t worry about that. I will take care of your problem. Tomorrow I will do first-aid for all of you,” replied John. 

After hearing all these, Roger replied, “I will also cooperate with you”. 

“Sounds good. Thank you very much buddy,” responded John. 

By the way, he is my best friend named Roger. All your problems will be solved with our cooperation. 

On the very next day, he came with his friends along with first-aid kit and fish food. Foremost, he dropped the food into the water as they were famished. He waited for his friend Roger, but he didn’t come there. In the meantime, he applied bandages among the wounds of the aquatic animals. 

In the meanwhile, the security guard perceived that and walked up to him. 

“Hey! You! What are you doing there? Come here,” said the guard. 

All his friends stood aside before him worried. But, John approached near him, lonely, with first-aid kit held in his hands and answered. 

John’s friends were not able to cognize what they were talking. But after sometime, they were shocked to observe that the security guard left him. One of his friends walked up to him and inquired. 

“John! What took place there, huh? Did he scold you?” 

After hearing all these queries, he laughed and said what happened there. 

“Nothing sir. Everything is alright,” he stated confidently. “I had just offered food for them as they were starving all these days. Before that, I got to know about the three people who were shooting stones among them. I’m searching for an alternative to protect them. As they got hurt, I had done first-aid to save them. Believe me sir. I will take care of all their problems.” 

“The owner of the park will take care of that,” said the guard. “Why are you doing that?” 

“I’m doing that for emotions, sir” answered John. 

“Emotions?? What do you mean?” responded guard. 

“Yes sir. When you help someone, you receive nothing. You neither become richer nor appear on TV. Still, anonymous. Ultimately, what do you receive are emotions and witness happiness. When I entered into this park and observed the fishes, they were not happy. They were not satisfied with the food and the hassles they had experienced from the three. I saw them sir. After I sowed the seeds of belief in their essence that I would protect them, they were delighted all the time. The glow on their expressions made me receive emotions and witness happiness.” 

By hearing that, the security guard returned all the way to his workplace. In the meantime, he turned his head against John and spoke up. 

“Whoa! All the best my boy,” he sounded out and got motivated. 

After John’s friends came to know about that, they also got motivated. His friends also want to facilitate him. John thanked them for their cooperation. Before that, he asked the aquatic animals to give some clues about the three. 

“We didn’t notice them. But we recognized that they will arrive every day during the evening time. The man who was standing at the middle was the head and guide. If we had a small clock near us, we would have acknowledged them,” said the aquatic animals. 

“Ok. I will take care of that. You try to notice the three people clearly. I will also fix a small clock here for you to notify the time they were appearing,” replied John and went all the way home along with his friends. 

On the way, he found Roger visiting the park along with his two acquaintances. He observed John and called him. 

“Hi. John. I’m sorry. I was little bit busy in a workplace. So, I didn’t get to the park on time.” 

“It’s ok buddy. No problem. Tomorrow we will meet again,” he said in a cool voice and went home. 

On the very next day, he visited along with his friends and required equipment. He was very much emotionalized to observe the security guard offering food. The aquatic beasts consumed and spoke up quickly with smiled visages. 

“Thank you very much for offering food to us sir,” said the aquatic creatures. 

“Don’t thank me. Appreciate John as he was the main reason for the change in me which resulted in offering food for you all. He will take care of all your problems,” said the guard by receiving emotions. 

After that, John inquired the fish about the three people and was very curious. 

“Did you get some clues about the three masses?” said John. 

“They came yesterday just after you went off. We didn’t notice the people as they were throwing stones,” said the aquatic beasts. 

“Oh. Ok. Today I will hide somewhere until the three people come here,” replied John. 

In the meanwhile, Roger came there and helped John in applying bandages for the fish. After some time Roger’s friends came there. He went to John and spoke up in an unassured voice. 

“Ok John. Bye. I’m going to enjoy with my friends. You also go home dude,” said Roger. 

“Ok Roger. Thanks for your help which made me very delighted. Bye,” replied John and went all the way home. 

On the way, he forgot that he had to wait for the three people to come there. So, he came back to the park again. He concealed in an unnoticeable place nearer to the pond and waited for them. 

After sometime the three people came there and started throwing stones. John was unable to notice them. He thought about how to protect the fishes from them. He also noted the time they were appearing there. 

On the approaching day, John offered food to the fish and was concealed at the same place and time to notice them. At the same time, the head of the gang came along with his henchmen again and started their pebble shooting. In the meantime, three unknown men with masks covered on their head came there and started throwing pebbles. 

“Hey, buddies. We too want to unite in your group to shoot pebbles at them,” said the strange men. 

“Sounds good. You can join here. Until now, nobody cooperated with us. Come on. Let’s throw stones and enjoy,” said the three folks and began shooting. 

John was shocked to perceive that three more people linked with them. After sometime, the security guard shouted to stop that. The three people began to run. They also instructed the unknown men to depart there for their refuge. 

But the unknown men caught each of their respective hands and halted them. The security guard and John came close to them. He was startled to discover that Roger and his friends were the witnesses in this case. 

“You’ve done a great job buddies according to my plan. Thank you very much,” stated John. 

“It’s ok dude. Your motivation made us to perform this operation,” said his friends. 

The mystery was that, on the previous day, he built this plan with his friends along with the security guard. He also shared it with the aquatic creatures and needed them to abide the pain to be successful. 

“Thank you John for your help and motivation. The master problem of this park was solved. I will offer food and take care of the aquatic creatures every day,” said the guard. 

Stating so, he was about to give a punishment for the three people. But, John stopped him and spoke up. 

“Sir. I agree that they did the faulty thing. But, they are my best friends. I will also motivate them so that they too stop and rather help us,” said John. 

On being said by John, the security guard left him. He reiterated the same motivational quotes as said to the security guard. 

After hearing all these, they felt sad with bent heads. The security guard and John’s friends were doubted and asked John. 

“John? What happened to them huh? Do you reckon they would do this again?” 

“Think positive friends. Ultimately, they are feeling regretted of hurting others instead of adoring them,” answered John. 

After hearing that, they turned their heads up and said. 

“I’m extremely sorry John for doing all the bad things I had done,” he said in a pitiful voice. “From now on, I will stick with your direction of goodness.” 

“Sorry to me? To them dude,” replied John by showing his index finger against aquatic animals. 

At last, John recovered all the problems and in return received emotions. The guard and aquatic creatures thanked for his cooperation and motivation. 

Moral – “Go on helping and receiving emotions from everyone.” 

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