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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

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Sana went on a college tour to Shimla. Keshav couldn’t go with her because hectic schedule but he encouraged Sana to move with her friends. Keshav would call her in the morning everyday. Everyday during journey. He forgot to call her on 6th day of her tour. It was a day before valentine's day. He called her at night around 10:30. Network wasn’t working properly and she was quite angry on him too. It was like disaster for Him but frighteningly he spoke, 'hello babu, sorry.’

She replied, ‘I don’t wanna talk,' with anger. But didn't cut off the call. Before he could say anything else network had been gone. Suddenly, Keshav listened on phone, an unknown person spoke to sana, ‘excuse me shina.’

She replied, it’s Sana.'

Unknown person said, 'sorry, Sana, I wanna ask u that it’s valentine tomorrow. Would you like to be my dance partner in couple dance in the party? We can win best couple award also..it could be the best evening.'

Sana replied, 'sorry buddy, but I don’t like to dance. You should find another girl.' Then she began to cry, didn’t know that keshav was still on line.

Keshav cut the call, felt restless because her tears was not bearable for him. He just packed his bag, carried his best three piece blue colored suit. At 12 he reached at station and got to know that train was on track and it was about to run in 2 minutes, so he couldn’t get time to buy ticket; without ticket he walked towards platform when listened horn of the same train. He ran for train and barely caught the train. In train he found another person who was travelling without ticket and sat in front of his seat. He began to chat with him. He was asking him for talking to T.T. He asked the person why was he going to Shimla in so much hurry as. Got to know that the person is a party organiser and he had to organise a valentine’s day, a special party in hotel The Imperial. It was the same hotel where Sana was staying and it was the same party where she was about to go and party. Noticed by all other passengers in same compound.

Quickly he spoke buddy, “I want your favour,, listen, I’m going to Shimla just to give surprise my love she will come in same party.”

The person asked him not to worry. That it was his responsibility now but he was a businessman. So he would be charged for it.

Next day, Keshav got room in same hotel and and slept. On another hand, Sana couldn’t sleep whole night. She held her phone in her hand in the morning just waiting for Keshav’s call but he didn’t. So one of her friend consoled her and made her feel light and selected a dress for party. Forced her to come for ice skating. Sana went there and got back in hotel at 7 pm. But not even a single second in whole day she could stop thinking about Keshav. Her imagination was converted into negative thinking too. As:- has he got another girl?, is he not interested in me now?

At 8pm, Keshav met with organizer, who gave him a torn overcoat with monkey cap and sun-glass. It was so beautiful decoration there at hotel’s lawn. Keshav wore overcoat, cap and sunglasses in the evening. His attire was showing him as a senseless person who was showing off.

At 9:30, Sana entered the party, she looked as a fairy in a red colored one piece, with a beautiful overcoat with matching red footwear. Her face was blank when she entered sat on around table with her friend, who were enjoying but her couldn't. Keshav was just noticing her. After half an hour she stood and came in a isolated place where were some chairs. Her phone was in her hand and in every 5 minutes she was checking. Keshav came towards her and offer her soft drink without saying anything. She looked him but he was covered properly. When she got the glass of drink her finger suddenly touched with Keshav's finger. Something happened and she began to nervous. Still noticing, Keshav left the place. Sana was looking here and there.

DJ announced, it was the time for couple dance and after all performances one couple would get best couple award. 7 couples performed there one by one. And sana could not get interest in dance just looking at random things. Dj took the mic again and spoke, “ may I attention everyone, winner will be selected by guest so after 15 minutes we shall ask for your opinion and now I want It request miss sana to come on floor once so that we can ask her opinion especially’, Sana frowned nothing understand.

DJ carried on,‘ Hey monkey cap, may you please help her to come on floor please.” He nodded, gave his hand to sana she shook and come

towards floor constantly, seeing the monkey cap person perplexedly. One step before keshav stopped, sana paced on floor.

From all four corners of floor crackers burnt. suddenly when Keshav paced on floor. He cried Sana, she turned. Keshav came on knee, left foot on floor with right knee, he showed platinum ring to sana, she confused what was going on.

Keshav removed his sunglasses then monkey cap, flicked hair one. Sana yelled perplexedly with happiness. Her mouth had opened, right hand was on it. Blood pressure going high. Could speak anything just nodded yes, Spoke in husky voice, ‘yes I will’. Keshav stood up and removed overcoat also. He looked so handsome, each and every guest was admiring them by shouting. Sana gave her hand Keshav made her wear the ring, when a Bollywood super romantic song “tum hi ho” started. Then danced some few steps.

Pyrotechnics started in sky. Keshav pointed towards sky. I LOVE YOU SANA was written there by sky-shot crackers.

Sana was weeping and hugging Keshav. Keshav felt so happy because his priceless gift. Sana’s smile…. Guests shouting best couple, best couple. DJ spoke sana the girl who was too sad now.

She was the happiest girl in the party so award was also won by this couple. Everyone cheered....,


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