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Match Made In Heaven? Seriously? :/
Match Made In Heaven? Seriously? :/

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Marriages in India are sacred. Period. There is absolutely no denying this statement. In India, if you didn’t get married; YOU DIDN’T GET MARRIED? ARE YOU CRAZY? WHY ON THIS EARTH WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO GET MARRIED? IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU? ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM SOME TERMINAL DISEASE? MAYBE YOU SHOULD REFER TO A PSYCHOLOGIST. Yes, those are just some of the questions that you might have to encounter from your “dear” relatives or the taunting aunty from the next door. Because if you don’t want to get married, then there is ought to be something wrong with you or your mind.

Marriages seem to be the ultimate solution for every single problem. You will be given all sorts of reasons to tie the knot. You are 24, you should get married. You are 30! You MUST get married. You have settled down professionally, get married now and start your family. You can’t find a good job; maybe you should just tie the knot. All your friends are entering into matrimony; you should also do the same. And the best of all – It’s a match made in heaven, it’s a perfect match; you are not going to find someone better than him/her. I mean seriously? And how are you so sure that it’s a perfect match? What if the guy turns out to be psychotic serial killer and murders me on the first night? What will you call it then? Alright, alright that was a tad too much but seriously how do you know that it’s a match made in heaven and stuff?

What I am trying to say here is that we (as in the young generation) don’t detest the concept of marriages, at least not all of us. Maybe when the time is right and we feel that finally it’s time to settle down in life, when we feel that we are ready and most importantly when we have found the right one, we can start to think of tying the knot. But, getting hitched is not the sole purpose of our lives. We want to dream and then make those dreams come true, we want to get independent and feel the freedom in its true sense. We want to fall in love several times before finding the right one. We want to travel around the world; we want to do all the crazy stuff that will make our life in this world worthwhile. We want to do all of this and much more, so that when we turn 80 and remember all these memories, it’s only a smile that comes to our face and not regret. So maybe, when we turn 26 or even 36(it’s not that much, trust me), when we feel that it’s time and we are mature enough to live our whole life with one person, we can think of getting married. Till then, I request all the parents to not torture their kids with all those awkward “shadi talks” and let them live their lives peacefully. 

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